Spring Time Outfits for Japan

This blog post has been a long time coming, but it's finally up! This year, I was able to tick off one of the destinations in my trav...

This blog post has been a long time coming, but it's finally up! This year, I was able to tick off one of the destinations in my travel bucket list - Japan! It was a big family trip to Tokyo that happened in March, where we stayed there for 5 days, 4 nights. Japan has been on my list for quite some time now as I have heard of many good things about it, so when I found out that we were going in March, I could not help but really plan my spring time outfits for Japan! So in the most classic fashion blogger way (yes, an actual blog post haha), I'm here to share with you the outfits I've put together for our trip.

Before packing, I made sure to check the weather / temperature during our stay there. It was supposed to be around 13-17 degrees Celcius, with clear skies and raining only on the Saturday of that week. What I forgot to check was how cold it would be during the evenings! More on that later.

We arrived at our Airbnb in Yoyogi in the afternoon of the 21st, which gave us just enough time to stroll around nearby landmarks. So on our first (half) day, we went to Meiji Jingu or Meiji Shrine.

As it was slightly cold (and considering we just came from the hot, hot Philippines), I had to layer a little bit and wore these slightly heavy wide-legged pants and long sleeved cropped top, with a thicker tank top underneath. I brought a poncho as well in case it got cold in the evening, as we were going straight to dinner after our trip to Meiji Shrine.

The next day was warmer, which was perfect because I was really planning to wear a skirt on this day as it was our 'free day', where we all got to organize our own itinerary and Jon and I's included a trip to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and teamLab Planets.

Of course, to keep my legs from freezing and drying up, I still wore thigh-high stockings during the day and added an extra layer of thicker thigh-high socks later on in the evening!

I'm so glad I decided to pack those socks, because it dropped to 7 degrees Celcius that night! It wasn't bad when we were inside restaurants and bars, but we were literally running outside to get to the station to go home because we were freezing. Hahaha!

My next outfit was planned for our Mt. Fuji tour. In the morning, my sister-in-law said she woke up from the sound of the rain, which turned into hale, so I knew it was going to be cold. I had about 2 layers of clothing and covered it with a thick sweater, coupled with thick thigh-high socks underneath my washed out jeans.

For added protection from the cold, I packed a jacket - which came in very handy when the snow kicked in as we were doing the tour. BTW, it was my first snow experience so I was going crazy. LOL. My family can attest! That's also one off my bucket list. What a surprise!

Our 4th day in Tokyo was still pretty cool at 14 degrees Celcius, so I layered a gray turtleneck underneath a gray knitted hoodie and topped it off with this pink leather jacket that had some quirky shoulder details.

We picked strawberries and went to the Ashikaga Flower Park during this day, which meant a lot of walking and movements, so this was an outfit that was easy to move around in + blended well with the flowers! Because it's important to match the place you're visiting. LOL JK.

My last Japan spring time outfit was pretty basic as I decided to wear all-black and layered my thick poncho over it. As we were traveling back to the Philippines on this day, it was advisable to be in an outfit that I could also just take a layer off and be fine in in Philippine weather. We had lunch at a standing sushi bar that Jon found on Google - a great end to the trip as I looove sushi!

And that's it! Yes, this post eventually had to end, right? Hahaha! These are all the outfits I've put together for our Japan trip during spring time. As you can see, some items I reused in the interest of not going over my baggage limit. As you pack for a place with cooler weather, you'll want to bring thicker garments (but in lesser quantities), so it's good to plan which items you can reuse for which outfits. Hope I gave you some ideas for when you go to Japan in the spring time, too, or wherever it may be!


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