Siquijor On A Motorbike: Restaurants and Bars

Part 2 of my Siquijor On A Motorbike series is all about the restaurants and bars that we enjoyed (and some, we frequented) during our st...

Part 2 of my Siquijor On A Motorbike series is all about the restaurants and bars that we enjoyed (and some, we frequented) during our stay. Thanks to Jon's great Googling and TripAdvisor recommendations, we were able to hunt down these cool spots in Siquijor that allows you to enjoy the different views - from the mountains to the beachfront.

Jungle of Peace

Jungle of Peace was a pleasant discovery in Siquijor that we found on our way back down from Lugnason Falls. You can also find a sign for it along the Siquijor Circumferential Road (or the main road), so be on the lookout if you're driving around.

Jungle of Peace is quite a new accommodation option in Siquijor. They have a couple of cottages, but we weren't able to check them just yet. They also have a bar/restaurant where you can chill at even if you aren't checked in, with a nice little garden-y area. The best part? THE VIEW! It was really nice and chilled.

Kanheron Ranch

Now if you're looking for something different and may be out-of-the-blue when you're in Siquijor, definitely consider going to Kanheron Ranch. I got a lot of inquiries about my photos once I started putting them up on Instagram and the secret's out--this is where we took them!

I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. It's an American Old Western gallery/restaurant/experience. The owner is a collector of Old Western items and art and is an amazing wood carver himself, so you will see a lot of his works on display and used around the ranch.

We spent a few hours just chilling here, as we felt so relaxed. Ordered some beers, put on our cowboy boots and hats, and we were all set. YES, you can rent cowboy hats and boots to complete your photos and experience!

Baha Bar

Baha Bar in Siquijor is a cool little bar on the main road that you can easily stop at when doing your motorbike trip. They have craft beers, cocktails, and food. However, I can't tell you how the food was, because we only had fries to munch on. The beers were good though!

Hillside Village And Saki Restaurant

Now this restaurant was quite interesting. As I do enjoy Japanese food, Hillside Village and Saki Restaurant was an interesting twist to the array of restaurants you can find in Siquijor. It is owned and run by a Japanese lady, and they have a fairly decent sized menu.

They also serve cocktails, which I enjoyed. But my favorite part was the view! You drive up into the mountains to get to Hillside Village and Saki Restaurant, so you can already expect to have an amazing scene while dining there. Also, not to forget, friendly doggos!

Monkey Business

Monkey Business became our local in Siquijor, being the closest to where we stayed (Treasure Island). So depending on our mood, we would either walk it or take a super quick bike ride.

The place reminds me of those hip bars we would see in Bali. Very Instagrammable, if that's one of your criteria for judging. LOL. It has a very relaxed and chilled atmosphere during the day, and really comes alive during the evening when they have musicians playing live (sometimes, the occasional guest joins the band to sing, too). We've met some great people here in the evenings, which made for a great night out drinking and socialising.

Local beers are at P50, which is a great! For food, I highly recommend the Thai Style Chicken Curry and Monkey Business Pizza. Those were my top during our visits there.

If you've been to Siquijor and have other recommendations to add to this list, do comment them! I definitely want to go back for a relaxing weekend away or so.

Also, if you haven't checked out the first part of this series, I shared beaches and waterfalls to see in Siquijor. You can click here for the blog post on that! :) 'Til the next one!


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