Siquijor On A Motorbike: Beaches, Waterfalls, & Other Sights

Same as with most beach towns I have been to in the Philippines, Siquijor trike drivers also offer a day tour of the island. It is true, ...

Same as with most beach towns I have been to in the Philippines, Siquijor trike drivers also offer a day tour of the island. It is true, in fact, that you can roam the whole island in a day. But because we wanted to be able to run on our own time (and one of us could drive a bike), then we opted to rent a motorbike instead. We got to rent a bike in Siquijor from Treasure Island, which is where we stayed (read here) for P350-400 per day.

So, if you're looking to explore Siquijor at your own place, I put together a list of the beaches, waterfalls, and other sights in Siquijor that I enjoyed.

Lugnason Falls

Lugnason Falls was a short drive from our accommodation, Treasure Island. Once you get there, you will have to trek down to get to the falls. As it had just rained during the time that we went there, the water wasn't that clear or blue, so we weren't sure about jumping in just yet.

However, a couple more steps out, we did find this odd cemented area that had some sort of pool--not really sure what to call it and we thought it felt a bit out of place. Would you know what this is called?

Cambugahay Falls

Another waterfall in Siquijor, and the most popular one, is the Cambugahay Falls. It's a multi-level waterfall with waters originating from natural springs. One of its popular tourist attractions being the tarzan swing, which actually took me a while to do! That was when I learned that I'm not scared of heights, but was more scared of jumping off or falling. LOL. Ironic as I joined the canyoneering tour back when we went to Cebu!

You can opt to jump in life vest-free if you're comfortable swimming, but if you like knowing you're gonna float back up (like me hahaha) then they have life vests for rent. The water was nice and cold--the perfect refresher after a long drive on a motorbike under the sun.

Salagdoong Beach

Salagdoong Beach is more of a resort than an open beach area. As it is a resort, they do have a restaurant where you can order food and drinks. We arrived there for lunch, which was good timing.

When I asked for recommendations from friends on places to see in Siquijor, this was a popular one. I can see why--the perfectly clear blue waters, big rock formations, and some diving board or slides to jump off from. Personally, not my favorite beach we went to, but it was an enjoyable afternoon spent there nonetheless. The "diving" features of the resort were, however, closed during the time we arrived there due to the water current, so we didn't get to try that.

Paliton Beach

Paliton Beach--now we're talking. Paliton Beach was probably my favorite time on the island. I've always enjoyed watching sunsets on the beach, and if you're like me, this is the perfect place. As cheesy as it sounds, we do love a good sunset, coupled with some chatting shit (it means talking nonsense in British slang). LOL.

There weren't as many people when we got there, so it was a nice relaxing time. You could read a book or just lay down on your beach towel and listen to some music.

Century Old Balete Tree

The Century Old Balete Tree is probably the only thing that counts as "other sights to see" that I encountered. It is still right along the main road, so it's easy to locate if you're doing a loop around the island on a motorbike.

They also have a "fish spa", which was quite interesting as some of the fish were actually full-sized. LOL. Here, you can also find some souvenirs--maybe a love potion or two, if you fancy.

And that wraps up this list of beaches, waterfalls, and other sights to see in Siquijor. In my next blog post, I'll share with you bars and restaurants in Siquijor that you can check out as well! I decided to split the blog into two, so that it wouldn't be so lengthy.

Happy to share that none of these are also sponsored, so these are definitely personal recommendations from our experience there. So I hope I've convinced you to visit Siquijor (or the Philippines, in general, if you're a reader from outside the Philippines!). And if you need a tip on how to travel from Manila to Siquijor, I have a blog post: click here.

I'd love to know if you decide to check out one of these places I listed down, and what you think of it. :)


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