What To See In Baler On A Tricycle Tour

I have shared on this blog a few times now about going to Baler, but let me tell you that this isn't the end. LOL. Because Baler is s...

I have shared on this blog a few times now about going to Baler, but let me tell you that this isn't the end. LOL. Because Baler is such an easy trip for me to make and I have gotten used to taking the midnight buses and looking forward to waking up out of the city, in a nice surf town, I will always, always go back.

This time around, I went with Jon and his brother Tommy--both whom haven't been to Baler. Tommy was visiting Jon here in Manila and wanted to take him on a weekend trip so that he could see a bit of what was outside Manila. For me, Baler was the easy answer as buses are quick to book via iWantSeats, plus I knew that they like surfing.

I've written about why I don't mind staying in hostels before (read here), but this time around, we stayed at Nalu Surf Camp in Baler. They are located beachfront of Sabang and offer three room options: Premiere Nipa Hut, Modern Nipa Hut, and the Hammock Room. The Premiere Nipa Hut is best for bigger groups and have the sea view; the Modern Nipa Hut is good if you're a group of 2-4 people, with a garden view (they're more towards the back of the resort).

Velvet swimwear: @chairlesquebync on IG | Cover-up/top: @wearkimsantiago on IG

Location-wise, I liked that Nalu Surf Camp was further away from the busy center of Sabang as there are loads of renovation and construction ongoing in that area. You also get a great view of the beach while having your breakfast (included in a Premiere/Modern Nipa Hut booking) or when you're lounging at their outdoor dining area. You can also easily book a board or a board with an instructor to go surfing, so you're all set.

As it was both of the boys' first time in Baler, I suggested going on a tour. Touring with a trike driver in Baler is an easy way to go around and see the popular sites in Baler. They all run on a fixed rate and can suggest the best time for you to start your tour. As we moved slow, we split our tour into two days.

I will tell you though that it wasn't fitting the places we wanted to see into a day that was a challenge; rather, it was fitting the three of us in 1 trike! Take 2 Brits in a trike made based on Filipino height, it was very interesting. Let's just say I ended up sat on the floor of the sidecart while Jon's head was out the back window. LOL.

We started off our Saturday tour at the Baler Hanging Bridge. The last time I had gone to the Baler Hanging Bridge, it was closed so it was cool to be able to cross it this time around. Although the wet season does bring in some winds, so it was quite funny (and scary for me) crossing over and back. Nonetheless, we managed to take some makulit photos of course.

Up next, we went to the Ermita Hill, which our trike driver challenged us to walk up the steps. I haven't done this as well before, as when I went some time in 2016 (if I remember correctly), the trike driver that time just drove up to the top. We were told it's 250 steps or so, which we tried to count on our way down--and yes, it was more or less that number. No pictures of the actual climb though as I'm not the best with leg strength so I was heavily concentrated on making it to the top. LOL. Beautiful view!

And not too far off is Diguisit Falls, which was near the Diguisit Beach and Rock Formations. Jon was the only one who jumped in the falls and we didn't have photos there, but we did manage to model-to-the-max at Diguisit Beach and Rock Formations as evidenced in our photos.

On Sunday, we went to the Mother Falls or the Ditumabo Falls. As we were slow and started our tour late on Saturday, we didn't have enough time to include the Mother Falls, which I really wanted the boys to see.

Fortunately, though, the extra trip was worth it as it is rainy season so there weren't much travellers around! We got to spend as much time as we wanted, chilling in the waters and trying to get as close to the falls as possible. But mostly chilling... FREEZING. LOL.

All in all, it was a good trip despite it being wet season. The boys got their surf on (I rode a few waves but was mostly just splashing around), saw some sights, and got out of the city.

Have you been to Baler?


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