Bali Outfits & Where We Stayed (Airbnb)

Around mid-July of this year, I nipped into Bali, Indonesia to join Jon and his family. Jon is based in the Philippines while his famil...

Around mid-July of this year, I nipped into Bali, Indonesia to join Jon and his family. Jon is based in the Philippines while his family are all back home in the U.K., so it was definitely lovely for Jon to have spent that time with them in Bali. Their trip was approximately 2 weeks; meanwhile, as I had work I couldn't leave, I only got 3 full days there. But really, it was 3 EXCITING days as it was the first time I had met his family! Eep!

I didn't get to take as much photos for the blog because I wasn't planning on blogging the trip. I wanted to be there and really spend my time with his family. But for those of you curious cats who are interested in knowing about where we stayed in Bali and where I got the outfits I wore, here we go (because those are the only ones I have photos of haha):

What I Wore In Bali

While I was enjoying my time with them, a few friends on Instagram seemed to have enjoyed my Bali looks because I got questions about my outfits. So I thought that it was high time I shared my not-so-secret trick to getting affordable outfits for Bali, or really, (almost) any trip.

Bag: SM Department Store | Everything else: Market! Market! Fashion Market

Drum roll, please? JK. It's Market! Market! Fashion Market. Before leaving for Bali, I made a quick stop to Market! Market! Fashion Market which is on the 2nd level of the mall. If you're not familiar with the place, it's basically a cluster of stalls where you'll find a lot of the clothes that online shops also sell except they're sometimes priced lower here.

Earrings: Shopee | Sunglasses: Sunnies | Everything else: Market! Market! Fashion Market

I chose to shop there rather than going online because 1) I didn't have time to wait for delivery, 2) I wanted to be able to check in person the quality and see if they fit me right and are actually bagay, and 3) I work nearby so it wasn't out of my way at all.

Where We Stayed In Bali

When it comes to accommodation, villas are the best way to go if you're traveling with a big group in Bali. Ours was booked through Airbnb, which you can also find through this link, or see other villas here. It's complete with a pool, an outdoor lounge area, and rooms that can accommodate around 10 people (at least, that's how many we were!)

Photo from Airbnb

Salmon swimwear: waveswimwear on IG | Green swimwear: tonietone on IG

It's located in Canggu and was only a short walk away from the beach. It was also along a street that had many restaurants, bars, and cafes (and a pizza place that was really good). This Bali villa also had an extra room that was separate from the rest of the house, which I thought was cool (and which Jon competed with his siblings to get because he knew I'd like it for the photos LOL best Instagram boyfriend?).

Photos from Airbnb

The only downside was that there was an ongoing construction on the lot across ours at the time of our stay, so it got dusty and loud at times. Nonetheless, I thought it was a really nice villa!

I know this post isn't your usual Bali guide, but I hope you enjoyed reading it anyway. If you would like to know anything more about this Bali trip, do comment below or reach out to me through Instagram @megannmonday and I'll be sure to be as helpful as I can be! :)


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