What Happens During A Beauty Lab Whitening Treatment

As we grow older, it's good to look after our overall health, including ur skin. My mom would always warn me when I was younger, but...

As we grow older, it's good to look after our overall health, including ur skin. My mom would always warn me when I was younger, but I've always just involved myself in activities that would take me under the sun (track and field, dragonboat, and basically every beach trip I've gone to). And as we all know, extended sun exposure isn't good for our skin, that's why I was excited to hear about Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss.

Beauty Lab Whitening also has a range of products for your skin.
Beauty Lab Whitening is a beauty clinic that specializes in whitening and anti-aging treatments that have been perfected in South Korea. I mean, come on... we all know Koreans have the best skin!

I am naturally morena and whitening isn't my main concern, so on my first visit, I asked them about that. BLW still recommends their treatments even if you aren't looking to get "super white" because their treatments promote improved skin clarity, tone, and texture. It's really an overall skin improvement!

One session is a 4-step process that takes about 1 hour to 1.5 hours to finish, depending on what you're having done. And on your very first visit, they will ask you to fill out a form to help them understand the needs and restrictions of your skin better. After which, you will need to switch into a robe to begin the treatment. There is a locker inside your room where you can safely store your belongings. They will also provide you with slippers, hair cover, and disposable underwear.

Exfoliation happens in the room on the right with the bed,

Step 1: Exfoliating -- This involves the use of Suaviss' own products that incorporate volcanic ash for exfoliation. This is a gentler way to exfoliate and feels very refreshing after. Of course, exfoliation is a good way to rid yourself of dead skin cells and prepare for the treatment, so you're basically working on a fresh canvas.

Step 2: Pre-Conditioning Ointment -- After exfoliation, your therapist will apply the pre-conditioning ointments to your body and face that helps tighten and lighten your skin.

Step 3: Equipment Treatment R-630 -- The ointments are then sealed with the R-630, which is a machine that activates your body cells to produce more collagen. Collagen helps improve the overall health of your skin.

Step 4: Post-Conditioning Ointment -- Lastly, the post-conditioning ointments are applied to relax your skin and help retain its moisture.

Just on the first visit, I've already felt my skin tighter and softer to touch. Plus, my skin tone also started to be a bit more evened out. I imagine with a couple more (consistent) visits, it would get as even as possible.

I get three visits to try out the treatment and am very happy and satisfied with the results. According to BLW, you can go back again as soon as after 48 hours after your current treatment.

The treatments may cost a bit of money, so I've been given a discount code for you guys to enjoy! Mention the code BLWMEGANN10 when you book to get 10% OFF your treatments. You can call (02) 546-04601. Walk-ins are welcome, but booking appointments is more advisable to ensure that you can get the schedule that you prefer. Visit http://www.beautylabwhitening.com/ for more information.

Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss is located on the 3rd floor of Bonifacio Stopover, 31st St. corner 2nd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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