Hong Kong Weather In September

Me: *Googles "Hong Kong weather in September" about 5 times* Google: September is the best summer  month to visit Hong Kong. ...

Me: *Googles "Hong Kong weather in September" about 5 times*
Google: September is the best summer month to visit Hong Kong. It is generally hot and humid, with an average of about 15 days of rain.

Also me: *Checks daily weather reports leading up to the day of our trip*
Weather: Sunny. Sunny. Sunny. And most likely, S-U-N-N-Y.

But of course, no amount of Google research on Hong Kong's weather in September could have changed my luck because as soon as we got there, it started to rain. It was actually raining on-and-off during our trip there, which was a bit annoying because of course it makes it hard to walk around (which is what I enjoy doing when I'm traveling). I think the only day that it didn't rain until the evening was when we went to Disneyland--which, to be fair, was nice of Mother Nature to spare us that one day when it mattered. LOL. More about our Disneyland trip in another blog post.

I guess Google did also say "an average of about 15 days of rain", so I shouldn't be this surprised. But because it had been sunny days leading up to our trip, I guess I was hoping the weather would stay the same!

I realize my photos don't show any rain, but I only remembered to take photos when it wasn't raining. LOL.

Another thing I learned about this September trip to Hong Kong is that if you will be traveling around this time of the year and the forecast does say rainy, the temperature still does not cool down so prepare to get wet and sweaty. Not as sexy as it sounds. Hong Kong temperature was still playing around 27°C to 30°C when we were there, so I was still able to make use of my sunny-friendly outfits. Although, I did have to skip some shoes that weren't so fit for the rain like my open-toed sandals and my slides.

So the lesson for today's blog post is really that you can't control everything about your travels. Sometimes, you have to be prepared for what could happen or be ready to adapt when something does not go your way, whether it's the weather, a train schedule, or even your own body reacting to the trip itself.

Top: Cotton On | Bag: Lacoste | Choker: Ever New | Shoes: Flossy

I'm just really happy I got to take this much days off work and travel with my family, because this is something I haven't been able to do since I started working (which was in 2011). Imagine that! And this trip reminded me that sometimes, you need to knock some sense into your head about what your priorities should be.

Share with me your stories of when something didn't go your way during a trip? :)


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