Taiwan Outfit Idea and My 5 Fashion Must-Haves

Last December, I traveled to Taiwan for my birthday. It was my first time there, so I did a bit of research on the weather and what I cou...

Last December, I traveled to Taiwan for my birthday. It was my first time there, so I did a bit of research on the weather and what I could wear during that time. December and January are Taiwan's winter months; and if I'm not mistaken, January is the coldest month. The Taiwan winter temperature can range from 13 °C to 18 °C. On certain days, like when I was there, it went up to 21 °C during the afternoon and dropped to 15 °C in the evening. So when it came to packing for the trip, I imagined it to be like Baguio (if you're from the Philippines or have traveled there). Nothing too drastic and easy on the layers. It can also be quite rainy, so be prepared to bring a rain jacket just in case.

Luckily during my trip, it was only generally cloudy and sunny. No rain at all! I was so thankful because that made going around Taipei so much easier. My first day in Taipei was the coldest, with the temperature starting at 15 °C during the morning. Hence, I layered a lightweight cropped ribbed sweater with a thicker leather jacket.

At certain times of the day, I would take off my leather jacket as we did a lot of walking and it started to get a bit hot. I think dressing up for Taipei in December generally entails a mix of light and heavy layers so you can easily switch out when the temperature changes throughout the day.

Apart from that, here are my 5 fashion must-haves when packing for your trip to Taiwan in winter:

1. Rain jacket - although it didn't rain during my trip, it could have come in handy in case it did. Prior to flying there, the weather was actually rainy so I was surprised when I came there and it didn't rain at all.

2. Semi-thick jacket - or a thick jacket, depending on how easily you get cold. I know my friend even wore thermal clothing on one of the days.

3. Leggings - leggings are easy to dress up and are very comfortable. You will probably be doing a lot of walking because it's quite easy to navigate the city in that way; plus, everyone else is walking, too, anyway, so best to be in something that's easy to move in. Also, you can wear it underneath pants in case it gets too cold for you!

4. Sneakers or any comfortable walking shoes - again, you'll probably be walking A LOT. I know I did. So I brought with me my CLN sneakers and a pair of plimsoles from Flossy. Those two were actually the only pairs I brought!

5. Small bag - to store your little things in, pretty much. Inside my bag are: wallet, EasyCard, powerbank, and my camera. Tried to minimize the things I brought so that I wouldn't struggle with lugging it around.

Ribbed sweater: Bershka | Shoes: CLN | Bag: SM Parisian

That's it for this post! I hope you found these tips helpful. Enjoy your Taiwan adventure! I know I certainly want to go back soon.


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