I Lost the Connection I Had With My Blog

To be honest, for a while now, I feel like I have lost touch with my blog. Every time I opened up a window to try  and start working on a...

To be honest, for a while now, I feel like I have lost touch with my blog. Every time I opened up a window to try and start working on a new blog post, I stare at this blank text box for about 30 minutes before I decide on trying again another day. This has become a terrible habit and I absolutely felt really sad that I couldn't find a connection with my blog anymore. Something I've worked hard on for so long and have thoroughly enjoyed for the past five years, I couldn't last an hour working on anymore.

Then it hit me--when you lose touch with something that once made you smile, there are two things you can do: you can either let go and move on or you can try to find a way to reconnect. I tried to reconnect. In as much as looking back at the past isn't always a good thing, I did it with my blog. It was actually funny; the mundane things I wrote about, the silly trendy outfits I put together, the weird photo editing, and the rawness of it all. I went as far back as blog post # 200 (this is my 689th) and read the next couple of ones from there until I found it comfortable again.

It probably took me around 12 blog posts before I started feeling like this was my blog again. I saw how I wrote and remembered how I felt like every time I sat in front of my laptop, eager to share how my day has been like or why I was wearing what I wore. Heck, there was even a blog post to greet my dad on his birthday--you don't really get those kinds of blog posts anymore.

The walk down memory lane helped me rediscover why I loved sharing my thoughts in this way in the first place; it helped me find the love and connection I've always had for my blog that I thought I lost.

Vest from H&M | Dress from Mango

It's odd how looking back at the past actually made me feel refreshed, when it normally doesn't. If you try to reconnect and it doesn't make you feel refreshed, that's when you know it's time to move on. There's a hugot there somewhere. I think you guys will catch on. But for now, thank you for dropping by my blog. And for other bloggers who are also feeling a little lost with their blog, I suggest you look back at your posts. Look far back; before all the collaborations and projects, when you were just starting out. It will definitely help you reconnect and reawaken that spirit for blogging that you have. :)


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  1. we did the same thing and that's too look back and ask why we blog in the first place.

    i believe there are factors why we feel strange about blogging, here's my ideas:
    1. if we're blogging for external reasons than our personal satisfaction. ideally, it should be balance so others will benefit from you as well. However if you have to choose between the two, the heavy one should be the internal. you're blogging because it's your side project and passion, not a job.

    2. if you feel like you are in transition/ transformation phase. definitely, we have life outside the blog and we don't blog everything about us. except if you are too busy, you can actually tell more stories if you experience more offline stuff.

    3. you have to challenge yourself and evolve as a blogger.

    Mabuhay and happy blogging!


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