It's Time to Live With The King

I like to think that I'm pretty practical when it comes to my mobile phones. I don't always switch out my unit whenever there...

I like to think that I'm pretty practical when it comes to my mobile phones. I don't always switch out my unit whenever there's a new one that comes out because I don't find it necessary. Food and travel, I feel, is what I always spend on the most. But the time has come for me to actually replace my current unit because the battery life has gone down and it's not as reliable as it used to be (it hangs quite often now). So, I started researching about what's out in the market now and learned about the Huawei Nexus 6P.

I'm not a tech expert, but this phone has everything I'm looking for. In fact, here are my top 5 favorite features of the King of Android:

1. Long-lasting battery.

Like I said, my current unit's battery life doesn't last very long. As a blogger and a social media practitioner, I am constantly on my phone. I also travel a lot. I don't want to constantly be worried about my powerbank having enough juice to recharge my phone and recharge it quickly, especially when I'm on remote islands where there's limited power source.

Huawei Nexus 6P has a long-lasting 3450mAh battery that lets you go the distance with added support from a reversible USB Type-C™ for fast charging.

2. A powerful camera.

I rarely bring my DSLR nowadays because I don't always have space for it in my bag. It's too bulky and becomes a hassle especially during long days. This is why I'm really excited about the Nexus 6P's 12.3MP lens, which can be utilized even during low-light situations. Plus, with the Google Camera and Google Photos, I can easily sort my photos so I never have to scroll through my camera roll for ages just looking for photos I took a month ago.

3. Front facing speakers.

Spotify is a staple in my life. Whether I'm getting ready in the morning or out on the beach, you're sure to see me loading it up and putting the speakers on full blast. The Nexus 6P's front facing speakers makes the music experience all the more enjoyable.

4. Iconic hardware design.

This is pretty shallow, but I'm particular with how my phone looks like. I want it to be something I'd be proud to have in my hands. Nexus 6P’s curved metal shell is crafted from aeronautical-grade anodized aluminium. Diamond chamfers encircle Huawei’s iconic hardware design, which is sculpted to accent a low-light-loving, powerful camera.

5. The best of Google in the palm of your hand.

From Google Maps, to GMail, to Google Drive--these are only some of the Google products and apps I use on a daily basis for work and play. My most used apps, in fact! To have these already on the Nexus 6P just means it's definitely ready to be my handy sidekick.

These five features make me really excited about the Huawei Nexus 6P. Don't you think it's time to #LiveWithTheKing? Who's with me? ;)


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