The Mount Pinatubo Experience

Ah, beautiful Mount Pinatubo!  Already starting my summer adventures as early as now. Finally, I was able to see in person what I had on...

Ah, beautiful Mount Pinatubo! Already starting my summer adventures as early as now. Finally, I was able to see in person what I had only read from my history books back in grade school when I went on a Mount Pinatubo Trekking Tour with TRIPinas and my friends. I was so happy to see how it is now, 25 years after the eruption. Crazy to realize that I was born just a year before the historical event.

As you might know, Mount Pinatubo erupted in June 1991, and its eruption was marked as the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century. It lasted for 9 hours and caused several earthquakes which resulted to its summit collapsing, creating a large volcanic crater (which you'll get to see we were able to go on as well, later in this post). The ash from the volcano mixed with water from the heavy rainfall also resulted in "lahar", affecting lowlands and villages. You can search the Internet for more info on Mount Pinatubo's history if you're interested or go on the tour with TRIPinas as well! Choose the latter, it's more exciting!

Our amazing Mount Pinatubo adventure started once we got to the base camp, where we were assigned to a 4x4 that would take us through the mountains, to the jump-off point.

From the jump-off point, we had a 2-hour trek to the crater. It was very different from the past two climbs/treks that I've done, and found it relatively easier because of the gradual uphill. So if you aren't the "trekking type", don't worry, you'll survive! Plus, everywhere you look is just a photo op waiting to happen--believe me, my friends and I took advantage. LOL.

20 minutes--well, 20 minutes if you're a senior, according to the sign--to the crater, we had a bathroom and rest break. Funny, these three girls were trekking and eating Ruffles. Oh, wait, that's us!

Finally, the long Mount Pinatubo journey is over (for now, because you still have to go down after) and you are rewarded with the breathtaking view of the crater lake. We even got to take our brunch on the shore of the Mount Pinatubo crater lake. The pristine blue-green waters were very inviting, however, swimming is not allowed! So, just enjoy the experience and take lots of photos!

My friends and I so used to going on beach trips that this was really a breath of fresh air (or, rather, dusty air LOL) for us. I'm so glad my friend was able to research about TRIPinas' Mount Pinatubo trekking tour. If you're looking for something different to do this summer, I definitely recommend considering a Mount Pinatubo adventure!

You can make a booking for the Mount Pinatubo trekking tour or any of TRIPinas' other tour packages by visiting their website at or emailing them at

* This is NOT a sponsored post.

Thanks for sticking with me through this photo-heavy post! Hope you found it enjoyable to read. Let me know where you think I should go next! :) I'm already Thailand-bound next week, so be sure to follow me on Instagram (megannmonday) for updates.


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