How I Survived Christmas Shopping This Year

It's Christmas Eve!! It definitely came around quicker than I expected. I have been so busy with work and transitioning in many aspec...

It's Christmas Eve!! It definitely came around quicker than I expected. I have been so busy with work and transitioning in many aspects of my life--and you know time flies when you get preoccupied. But, at last, I am happy to be home today and celebrating Christmas with my family here in the south. Makati is fun and all, but the laid-back life in the south is still something that makes me feel at home every time.

This year, I didn't have a lot of time for Christmas shopping. What little time I had, I used for making trips to the mall to buy gifts for my family. The crowd of Christmas shoppers and traffic are definitely the biggest struggle here! In fact, I ended up not getting anything from the mall for myself. So when it came to my Christmas party and reunion outfits, I relied on Shopee to help me. Shopee is a social mobile marketplace that officially launched in the Philippines last December 9 (but has actually been available in both the App Store and Play Store since June 2015).

I honestly haven't shopped in such a long time, but the ease of adding things to your cart from multiple sellers made it so hard to resist shopping. One of the clothes I ended up getting through Shopee was this top from Maria Clothing PH. If you check out the app, you'll see that there is a wide range of items, with categories including Her Fashion, Beauty & Fragrances, Home & Living, and many others. If you also make your transactions through the app (meaning, make your payment through their Shopee Guarantee bank accounts), you will be covered by their Shopee Guarantee. This means that the payment is only released to the seller once you confirm receipt of your order; likewise, the seller is also protected from non-paying customers. Try it for yourself!

As I haven't gone clothes shopping in a while, I couldn't resist putting together an outfit that highlights this dainty powder blue halter top. I went for a very summery look, sticking with blue hues and white. Ironically, it rained that afternoon. Hah! This December weather has been really crazy, actually. It's also quite funny how I get so excited about getting new clothes, that I actually wear them almost always the following day. What do you think about this look? TBH, it's my bestfriend who made this look 10x better with her excellent photography skills.

Top - Maria Clothing PH; Skirt - Plains & Prints; Bag - Dorothy Perkins

Photographed by Maita Piedra

I'm counting down the hours until midnight because that's when we all come together at the living room, open presents, and chat the night away. Christmas is absolutely one of my favorite days of the year! How are you spending the holidays this year?


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