Living On My Own: 3 Things I Learned

For someone my age, moving out of their parents' home is quite a big deal. It isn't common practice in (more traditional) Filipin...

For someone my age, moving out of their parents' home is quite a big deal. It isn't common practice in (more traditional) Filipino households for children to move out, unless you will be studying/working in a different region or country or getting married--I am doing neither. For me, it was mostly about learning to be independent as I have been ever so blessed with parents and brothers who, for all of my life, have always made sure I lived comfortably.

So it was an interesting challenge that I put upon myself, and I'm glad my parents allowed me to do this. Looking back now, as I am at my parents' home for the long weekend, it has been three months since I moved out, and I thought I would share with you 3 things I learned when I started living on my own.

1. Schedule your week to be on top of things.

As boring and ~adult~ as it sounds, scheduling my days helps me stay sane between working, doing chores, and going out. I've learned to move a little bit quicker now, especially in the morning. My concerns in the morning used to only involve waking up, getting ready, eating breakfast, and going to work. Now, I also make my bed, make and eat breakfast, clean dishes, sweep the apartment, get ready, take out the trash, and go to work. And every two weeks, I try to dedicate a full day for general cleaning.

I also try to do 20-30 minute workouts in the morning. I added a 10-minute guided meditation to my morning routine. I'm using an app called Headspace. Plus, since my place is also quite roomy now, I have had more space to do Blogilates. I just got a new mat from Zalora--which, by the way, you can use the discount code ZBAP0fg for a 15% storewide discount--and it's been helpful with the practice.

2. Manage your expenses by finding alternatives.

I do a lot of walking around where I live now. It allows me to familiarize myself with the establishments as well as gauge the price range of things. Whether it's buying groceries in bulk or running down the local coffee shop for some good ol' third wave coffee instead of getting Starbucks, it helps that I know where I can go and what my options are. It all comes down to managing my expenses. There are also nights when I'd trade in air conditioning for opened windows and a fan. It's not as bad as it sounds, especially during this rainy season.

3. Learn to ask when you don't know.

I'm the type of person who would rather figure things out on her own than ask. I think it is more of shyness than it is a pride thing for me. But I have learned that sometimes, you really can't know everything and you will eventually have to seek the help of your building security in locating the nearest AutoLoadMAX retailer, or ask your brother how to maneuver the stove (because God knows 3 months ago I couldn't cook--I'm much better now), or ask your mom which detergent works best based on her experience because doing laundry is serious business.

Shorts - Factorie; Bag - Guess; Shoes - Cotton On; Eyewear - A'postrophe; Watch - Michael Kors

But in between all this "adulting", it's nice to still be able to go home on most weekends and have my family be all gathered together, singing karaoke, eating good food, and enjoying each other's company. Just as we did this weekend.

Have you moved out? Share with me your experience!


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