John Robert Powers: Visual Poise 1

I remember being in high school and having a lot of my friends attend John Robert Powers . Everyone  went to John Robert Powers. I was cu...

I remember being in high school and having a lot of my friends attend John Robert Powers. Everyone went to John Robert Powers. I was curious, but at the time, I already had dance classes and sports training, which ate up most of my days. Fast forward to this year, about 7 years later, I've attended my first class with JRP - Visual Poise 1.

At this age, I thought I would be way too old to even be attending their classes. I thought everyone would have gone around their teen years. I was wrong. People's ages in my Visual Poise 1 class actually ranged from 22-29 - quite interesting, I thought. Just goes to show that it's never too late to start learning about personality development!

For the Visual Poise 1 class at JRP, we were taught by Ms. Rosky Hilado. Students are actually required to be there I think 15 minutes before their class (punctuality!); the class starts and ends on time, too. We began by introducing ourselves and answering some questionnaires.

But the fun part was that it wasn't about questionnaires or reading materials. We did the exercises - walking back and forth and standing, checking our posture.

I know it sounds intimidating, but I swear the class was so cool and easy. What made it fun was actually the environment. Ms. Rosky was great with reassuring us when we felt shy or awkward. I honestly felt SO nervous at the beginning of class, because I felt like I was back in school and didn't know anyone (again). LOL! Nakaka-first day high talaga.  Looking forward to my next class! Still nervous, but more excited. :) Tara!

You can visit their website for information on classes and updates. PLUS, follow them on Instagram: @JRP_Philippines - they also do giveaways from time to time. :)


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  1. Hi classmate! Didn't know you blogged about this. It's the first search result when I tried the search phrase "Visual Poise 1". :)

  2. Hi classmate! :) Suppose I did my SEO right. Haha. I will be sharing all the other classes I'm taking up as well. Maybe we'll be in the same class again soon.


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