Dressing Up Your Basics: 5 Things That Can Instantly Add Style Points

The crazy weather situation coupled with the six-day power shortage last week has inadvertently led me to going back to basics when it co...

The crazy weather situation coupled with the six-day power shortage last week has inadvertently led me to going back to basics when it comes to dressing up (or down). It started out of convenience, but quickly turned into a rediscovered love. Uy, medyo hugot? LOL. And every now and then, this rediscovered love needed an upgrade, especially when the occasion calls for it (lunch meetings, coffee dates, etc). So if you love your basics but think they need a little boost, here are five things that can instantly add style points:

1. Make-Up

Okay, this doesn't mean you need to go crazy on the smokey eye when it is only half past lunch. For make-up, you will need to make sure that you put only what is appropriate. A good "barely-there" look can easily brighten up your aura and is great for daytime. If you're feeling a little bit adventurous, use a red lipstick with an undertone that is fit for your skin tone.

Cotton On watch; SM Accessories necklace

2. Accessories

Using accessories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings, is another easy way to get glam in an instant. However, as with other things, moderation is key. It is best to choose at most two types of accessories; on some occasions, three is also acceptable, but this will be all up to you.

My favorite places to shop for accessories at the moment? SM Department Store, Forever 21, and Pretty Little Blings (on Instagram/online).

Chick Flick heels

3. Shoes

I am not going to tell you that wearing heels is the only way to boost your outfit, because it isn't. It is all about matching your footwear to the whole feel of your outfit. You can be in heels, in boots, or in flats, and still take a step forward in style.

Aldo bag

4. Bag

Not only are bags functional, but they can be quite the key piece in your look, too! Matching your bag with your shoes is a start. But with the style world being more experimental these days, that doesn't always have to be the case anymore. See where your own personal style takes you and dress up your basics!

5. Hair

Yes, you can also dress up your basics through your hair; and no, you don't need to go to the salon or get a personal hairstylist to do this. But it does help to style your hair in some way. You'll notice, as you go on with your style journey, that there are clothes that look better when you wear your hair up, down and super straight, tousled, or slightly curly/wavy. The feel of the outfit changes when you change your hairstyle. Try it!

Vintage black bodysuit; Cotton On pants; random belt

BONUS: Confidence!

I know you know I would throw this in because it's true! Nothing boosts your outfit or your whole aura more than a dose of confidence -- believe that! Be true to your style and stick to what feels right. You'll feel more confident and radiate a natural glow.

And, as always, have fun discovering your personal style. Try out different things and see which clothes feel most like YOU. ;)


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