Travel 2014: Somewhere Else to Stay in Camiguin

Two weekends ago, I had my bags packed and my eyes set for Camiguin - an island in the northern tip of Mindanao. It was a trip that had b...

Two weekends ago, I had my bags packed and my eyes set for Camiguin - an island in the northern tip of Mindanao. It was a trip that had been booked since December (thank you, seat sale) and it couldn't have come at a better time as I was in deep, deep stress. But before sharing with you how our trip went, let me share with you the place we stayed at - Somewhere Else Boutique Resort.

Located about a 30-minute drive away from the port of Camiguin, it is composed of house-like villas that make a group vacation easy. It is owned by Jerome Birnbaum, who decided Camiguin was where he wanted to begin his new journey.

Somewhere Else Boutique Resort goes above and beyond when it comes to caring for their guests. Jerome and his staff, Ayet, Angie, and Andrew, certainly know how to make everyone feel at home. From serving us breakfast outdoors - on the beach or at our backyard, to calling for home-serviced massages after a long day of trekking and exploring the beauty of Camiguin. Each time we came home from an adventurous day going around the island, Jerome and his staff were there to welcome us and ask us about our day. Not to mention, they have quite the friendly dogs too!

The villa we rented for our stay was called Le Ryadh and was equipped with air conditioning, a shower and a toilet (separate), a day bed, an actual bed, and a small pool on the rooftop where you can lounge during the mornings or at sunset while sipping on a glass of red wine (which is exactly what we did). We were a group of five, so we had an extra bed added in. Le Ryadh was spacious so there was no need to worry about losing space from the extra bed.

At the side of the house, there was an outdoor shower which you can use after taking a dip at the beach, which is right behind the villa, so you get to enter the house all clean and sand-free. There is also a hammock bigger than any hammocks I've ever relaxed in.

If you come to Camiguin without a set plan, they have pamphlets of tourist spots; you can also ask Jerome personally and he'll easily suggest you some places to check out, complete with a map! ;) We usually had to go to him when we didn't know which restaurant to eat at next.

The sunsets are a beautiful bonus, too!

Somewhere Else Boutique Resort is also located nearby good restaurants like my favorite, Casa Roca Inn, as well as some spots to check out like Katibawasan Falls, Sto. Nino Cold Springs, Sunken Cemetery, and Guiob Church Ruins.

Photos from Kit De Silva and Garret Villanueva

For reservations and booking:
Contact Somewhere Else Boutique Resort at +63 999 67 67 583 or +63 88 387 9550
or visit their Facebook page.


* This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. This is such an awesome getaway!:) Hoping the family and I can go on trips like this soon! You're so sexy twin!!

  2. Thanks, Twin! Camiguin is actually really family-friendly. Very relaxed and lots of places to go to. The only downside is that there are no direct flights from Manila. You'd have to go to Cebu first, I think. :)

  3. Hi Megann! I'm curious as to how you got to Camiguin. Did you guys land on Cebu from Manila and then travelled there from Cebu or did you land elsewhere? I'm trying to figure out how to get there since I'm headed to Cebu myself and did not plan at all to go to Camiguin but after seeing this, I'd like to go there as my main destination. I'd greatly appreciate your response :)

  4. Hi Bryan! While there are no direct flights from Manila, Cebu Pacific has direct flights from Cebu to Camiguin so you can definitely fly from Cebu. :)

    Just added info, our route was: fly MNL to Butuan, then ferry from Balingoan Port to Camiguin.

  5. Thanks much for the info! Appreciate it!

  6. Hey, Lenny! Definitely a gorgeous place. :) Depending on where you go, the sand varies. The closest beach to Somewhere Else is literally at its backyard! The water is cool and clean, perfect for swimming. The sand, however, isn't white. From what I remember, it's gray.

    If you want white sand, you can take a boat ride to White Island which is a sandbar that vanishes in the afternoon. If you decide to stay in Somewhere Else, the owner, Jerome, can help you sort this out. :)

    You might be interested in reading about the activities we did and the places we visited in Camiguin, here - Hope this helps!


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