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I was in a total drool-fest over Aldo's Garden Party  themed homepage the other day that I decided to create my own outfit built arou...

I was in a total drool-fest over Aldo's Garden Party themed homepage the other day that I decided to create my own outfit built around that theme. No other summer has ever hit me this hard before! And I'm sure that during this season, there will be a lot of events and gatherings that will be hosted outdoors given the beautiful sunny weather, so it is best to be prepared!

For events hosted outdoors such as a garden party, it is advisable that you go in something lightweight or flowy, simply because this will help you keep your cool under the hot, hot sun. Another alternative is a dress - whether fitted or flowy, it is almost fool-proof! Go bold and look for dresses with surprise details at the back such as the one I'm wearing here and wow people the moment you walk in.

Stocking up on a lot of light and bright colored clothing is my ultimate summer shopping tip for you.

It was love at first sight when I saw this dress ON SALE on the Olivia and Fifth website. I was already in love when I saw just the front being so chic and reserved, and was even more sold when I clicked and saw that it had an insane party going on at the back. I may have died a little. I have to tell you though that you have to manoeuvre yourself into the dress a little bit; however, as you can see, the end result is well worth it!

A beautiful dress like this alone is already perfect to wear to a garden party. Pair it with a colorful pair of heels for a more festive look. Just make sure that you won't be walking on soil because you wouldn't want to be sinking your heels in and completely ruining them. A cute pair of flat sandals can also do the trick! Maybe something in a gladiator design? Try it!

Lastly, I threw on my one and only floral crown from Flaura Tiara by BV because I knew there was no other way to go about this look!

Flaura Tiara floral crown | Olivia and Fifth dress | Payless heels

Everything fell together quite perfectly, especially now that I managed to get a good color on from my trip to Cagbalete Island, making the colors pop even better against my skin ;)

What about you - what would you wear to a garden party?


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  1. witwew! ang sexy mo at ng dress girl! hahaha :D


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