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Every now and then, I get the question, "Do you still get conscious about your stitch marks?" In 2011, I decided ...

Every now and then, I get the question, "Do you still get conscious about your stitch marks?"

In 2011, I decided to transition my blog into what it is today - Style Surgery - to document how I've used my passion for fashion as a means to motivate myself towards having a better perception of myself. Ironic, isn't it? Given that the industry gets criticized a lot for highlighting perfection. But the way I saw my passion was different.

I used fashion to help me see what was good about me. You see, when you dress up, you highlight your assets; you look the positive and build on that. You find the things that work for you, and the things that don't. But mostly, for me, it was about realizing that you're different from everyone else and that's okay. Despite trends, everyone has their own thing going on when it comes to personal style. And then, I began to see more clearly that the value of uniqueness we hold high in fashion, should be applied to how one perceives oneself, too. You are unique, and you are you.

To answer the question, I still do. I get conscious sometimes. My stitch mark is now a keloid (you'll see it in some of the photos here) and there's not a lot of treatments that can be done to give completely satisfying results - at least not a lot that won't break the bank. I have days when I'm okay with it, and then days when I look back at the fear. It remains to be a daily battle, but one I'm determined to get past completely.

One thing I learned is that when you start looking at yourself more positively and giving yourself enough credit, the rest of the people around you will feel the same. It stems from the energy you give off. Whether it is a literal or a figurative scar, it will take some time to overcome. But it is important that you make the conscious decision to do so. One day, you'll be looking at yourself in the mirror and start seeing only the good :)

Vintage dress | House Of Luxe necklace | EZRA (Zalora Philippines) heels | Shopaholic & Hubby watch

This month, give yourself a little more love than you normally would. You deserve it. After all, your opinion about yourself is what matters the most. If you are okay with who you are, then it will resonate through the way you carry yourself and you'll start getting that glow. It's true that you have to love yourself first before seeking love from others :)


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  1. I have a keloid too! And its not very "hideable" thats why I still get conscious! But you're right, it's all about accepting that we are unique and loving ourself more.

  2. It's still a struggle for me a lot of the time, but sometimes you just have to power through the fear. Most of the time, you're worry about others judging you is really just that - a worry. And no one really is judging you. Self-acceptance talaga :)


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