Last Minute Valentine's Date Dress Shopping Suggestions

It's crunch time!  We're down to the last day until Valentine's Day. And if you're one of the couples who have decided to...

It's crunch time! We're down to the last day until Valentine's Day. And if you're one of the couples who have decided to brave the heavy Friday + holiday traffic to go out and celebrate, I salute you. I know some other couples have decided to wait for the weekend instead. Either way, it's going to be a busy weekend, for sure. And if you haven't had the time to pick out an outfit for your Valentine's date yet, then here are some tips as well as shop suggestions for you.

Also, please notice my new hair color! It's my first time to have it colored. LOL.

When it comes to date dresses in general, I like to keep it classy and sexy. Dresses that hug you the right way yet cover enough skin. I know some of you have romantic plans for Valentine's, but wouldn't you want to leave more for the imagination... or until after dinner? ;)

Starting off with the dress I'm wearing from Made U Look (also comes in blue), I love that the dress has sleeves, but more so the fact that there are cut-outs around the neckline (and even at the back). The cut-outs add sexiness to the whole look, hinting enough skin without revealing too much. The beige-almost-nude tone coupled with the black straps of the neckline give off an elegant appeal as well.

Pairing this date dress with a sexy pair of heels finishes off the look perfectly. I chose an open-toe, ankle-strapped pair because it not only matches the dress, but also helps elongate my legs. If you play your cards right and get the skin-to-fabric ratio correctly, then you're sure to have your date looking at you all night!

If you're on a last-minute date dress hunt, here are some suggestions for you:
1. Zalora Philippines - It's online and easy to navigate. You will have to check the number of delivery days to make sure the dress will arrive at your doorstep in time.

2. The Ramp - I swear, they have everything! I always love going to The Ramp (in Glorietta, particularly) whenever I have to do last-minute outfit hunting.

3. SM Ladies - The ladies section of SM Department Store also houses a lot of really cute and trendy pieces. Plus, even if you're a little bit price conscious, you'll still be able to walk out with a pretty outfit.

Plan out your hair and make-up as well to match the whole outfit. You can try different hairstyles for a change (maybe practice and take cue from Youtube beauty gurus) or go to the salon and have it blown out.

I hope that you found this post helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or tweet. Good luck with the hunt and have fun on your Valentine's date! :)

Made U Look dress (via Zalora Philippines) | EZRA heels (via Zalora Philippines) | Shopaholic & Hubby watch

Happy Love Month!


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