Realize the Strength and Move On

Last night, I went to bed early - like 9PM-early  (and yes, that's early for me) - hoping to catch more sleep; instead, my conscio...

Last night, I went to bed early - like 9PM-early (and yes, that's early for me) - hoping to catch more sleep; instead, my consciousness decided to creep back and wake me up at 2AM. After about two hours of trying to go back to sleep, I knew I had lost the game and decided it was time to get up and get writing.

Admittedly, I had some things in mind, which is probably the reason why I stayed awake. I was close to making a call to the past; it was almost like a relapse... and then I remembered something. So glad I remembered.

"Realize the strength and move on" - this is a quote I stumbled upon last year and has since then become one of my favorites. And every time I found myself at weak points in my life, in whatever aspect, I would try to make a conscious effort to recite or think about this line and move on.

I understand that moving on can be such a pain in the butt, whether it be from things, moments, or people. But there are certain situations that simply call for it and whenever doubt starts to haunt you, try and remember your reasons for walking away instead of staying.

After all, how often do you look back at what you've left behind? Doubts only creep in when you're vulnerable... but you're not vulnerable all the time, so doubts don't really stay. And after the thought of relapsing passes, you're back to normal. You're okay again. It was just that moment. And you're back in the present again. Moved on.

If you are going through some things, whether personal or otherwise, I always felt it helped to have a positive line or quote to recite and remind you that you are bigger than the problems in your head. You know you are.

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    …but ang ganda nung photos na to, girl. So fun and you're so pretty. Keep smiling! :)

  2. Aww kilig!! Love you :D


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