A Fresh Start

I rarely ever think that a new year calls for a “fresh start”. But days before 2013 ended, something else ended and I thought the new yea...

I rarely ever think that a new year calls for a “fresh start”. But days before 2013 ended, something else ended and I thought the new year would bring a fresh start after all.

It’s great to meet people whom you have an instant connection with; those people whom when their presence is felt, you instantly light up. I find it interesting that someone who was once a stranger in years before you were introduced can have such a huge impact in your life and change your year completely right after that first “Hi, I’m Megann. Nice to meet you, too”.

I met a lot of those in 2013. Some of them became my five-hour friends, while a few of them stayed.

The thing about those few who stayed was that not all of them were there-there. Although these relationships (both friendship and romantic) were sometimes clear as to the level of friendship, others were puzzling.

Out of all of those few who stayed, I chose to still cut ties with some. You see it’s amazing to have an instant connection with someone who makes you happy. But the problem I had then was that I also confused the happiness I felt with deep and meaningful relationship. This is what I realized when I tripped while walking alone on the streets after a fun night out. Funny way to learn a lesson, eh? I stood up and realized I was alone—when I could’ve not been, had my relationship actually been deep and meaningful as I had tricked myself to believe.

Dress from Apartment 8 | Necklace (gift) | Heels from EZRA, Zalora Philippines

There are relationships you keep and relationships you have to just keep away from. No matter how much you think things will change, sometimes your relationship has just reached its point of blossom. Either that is all it is ever going to be or that is all it can be for now. Either way, if it affects you, you have to decide. If they’re only there for the good times, then they’re not there at all.

This might seem too heavy to be my first post for 2014, but when you think about it, it isn’t sad at all. It’s nice to know you’ve managed to liberate yourself from the feeling of constantly wanting to know where you stand. I can’t lie that I still have short stops when I’d ask myself if walking away was a good decision, but as I think about it, I realize that walking away certainly feels better than just standing there alone.


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