2-Hour Break Around Iloilo

As you may know, I just came back from a work trip to Iloilo  for the Dinagyang Festival. Despite the busy schedule I had working the Din...

As you may know, I just came back from a work trip to Iloilo for the Dinagyang Festival. Despite the busy schedule I had working the Dinagyang Festival events, I still managed to take a quick 2-hour breather wherein I discovered what little bit of Iloilo I could discover given my free time. With that, let me share with you what I was able to do and where I was able to go in Iloilo:

After lunch, I set my sights on this beautiful structure known as the Jaro Cathedral. It is home to Our Lady of the Candles, whose image is surrounded by many miraculous stories. If you do a quick Google search on Jaro Cathedral and Our Lady of the Candles, you'll understand what I mean by miraculous.

The interiors were beautifully structured and painted, with gold trimmings illuminating the whole place. I was lucky enough to be there at a time when a wedding was about to happen, because almost all of the lights were switched on, giving me a beautiful view of everything inside.

Across Jaro Cathedral is the Belfry, and just beside it was the entrance to a market that led to a perya or a pop-up carnival/fair. There were no grand signs at the entrance. Just a small ticket booth and a price list. If I remember correctly, entering would cost only P10. 

The place was small and quiet. Various "Game of Chance" booths were setup where you can easily place a bet for as low as P1 (yes, 1 peso). Double your money or lose it. For the sake of trying, I started with P5. At the end of it all, I ended up with P32 without losing. Not bad for my first try. Beginner's luck, maybe?

The place may not have been this grand carnival of sorts, but it was nice because the people were simply there to kill time and amuse themselves. The rides were closed that day, though.

After which, I headed to the famous Madge Cafe inside La Paz Public Market. The last stop for this 2-hour break I had. The cafe is so low profile that you wouldn't think a lot of famous people frequented the place - but they did. A lot of Madge Cafe's customers are actually either celebrities or government officials. They even have a photo wall of their VIPs and special visitors.

It was the perfect 2-hour break to have before diving right back to work. This is also why I always look forward to travelling to places I have never been to before because I don't exactly need to be where the 'tourist spots' are because practically everything will be exciting for me. I would love to be back again for an actual vacation or at least have more time to explore the place. It was a lovely trip filled with great food, must-see places, and beautiful people. I swear, Iloilo people are very warm and friendly.

Have you been to Iloilo before?
Looking forward to more travels this year!


All of the photos are raw shots using an iPhone 5S. 
Finally gifted myself with a new phone because my 2-year-old Blackberry gave up on me.

You can see more photos from my trip on my Instagram account: @megannmonday

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  1. My hometown! Didn't get to go home for Dinagyang this year tho, and you're right! Ilonggos are very malambing and friendly! :D


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