I May Have Met My Match

I was walking around the mall trying to get through at least half of my Christmas gift list when it occurred to me, “I’ve finally met my ...

I was walking around the mall trying to get through at least half of my Christmas gift list when it occurred to me, “I’ve finally met my match”, I thought to myself. I literally stopped right in the middle of a busy crowd, with people bumping my shoulders because I was simply being an obstacle in their way. Later, I was set to have the traditional wine night at Barcino with Lil Miss Wonderwoman herself, Angel, and I knew I had to tell her this.

You see, for the longest time, I was never one to be bothered with people who didn’t have enough time for me because I simply didn’t have enough time either. When relationships begin to get too close and more time is spent together (like everyday!), I back out. I have friends who can attest to me saying in the past, “He’s too clingy!” when in fact to them, it was just the right amount of wanting to spend time with someone.

But the past few weeks were filled with so much ups and (break) downs that even I couldn’t keep up. Just when I thought I didn’t have enough time, I meet someone who may just be worse than me. And it scares me that I’m starting to be clingy – although friends seem to think this is ‘normal’ woman behavior. Okay, maybe I’m scared that I’m actually turning into a woman with feelings.

As what Angel herself wrote in a blog post that I happened to read just as I was finishing up this one (we're in sync), “even the busiest of people still have the ability to feel, love and be clingy when the right person comes along.That is mah gurl. LOL.

Now that I think about it, every time I narrate my problems to my good friends (mostly Angel and my BFF Maita), it actually becomes clearer to me that this might just be what I needed. Someone who can teach me to value time spent together. The fact that I was able to get aww’s from Angel as a reaction, speaks volumes because this has not happened. Ever. I begin to look at the little details, the short events, the quick moments spent together, and see that no matter how little time we have for each other, that 10-minute “Good morning” call I randomly get makes things better again.

I actually don’t know what I’d do now if not for Barcino wine nights. Angel always gives me a different take on things, and maybe this is why we are friends. We barely have anything in common, yet our differences are what actually allow us to have endless conversations. In the end, somehow, this tradition always puts things into perspective for me.

A year ago, I was in a relationship and was very idealistic. I wanted the grand gestures, the confetti, the works. Nowadays, just the feeling of having someone look at you in a special way is enough to trump all grand gestures and keep me smiling the whole day.

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