10 Things I Learned In 2013

Hello my darlings! This is going to be my last post for 2013 because I will be spending the remaining days of this year with family. As...

Hello my darlings! This is going to be my last post for 2013 because I will be spending the remaining days of this year with family. As such, I decided on posting this outfit that shows how much change I’ve gone through this year.

You see, I welcomed 2013 decked out in white and sequins. But somewhere down this year, my style changed along with my views on certain things. On the surface, my style transitioned into something more subtle and polished. And as for my view on things, well, let’s just say I’m not the same person I was at the beginning of this year—and it’s a good thing.

2013 brought me a lot of challenges. I didn’t appreciate them then, and spent a huge chunk of my time just crying over things. But this year also nailed down A LOT of lessons for me. To round them up, here are the 10 things 2013 taught me:

1. You will know in your heart when a decision you are about to make is right, regardless if it’s what you wanted or not. Sometimes, you have to make a choice even if it isn’t your first one.

2. You are never left empty-handed. You just have to learn how to recognize opportunities.

3. You don’t have to be ‘someone’ now, but you have to continuously work at finding where you want to be. Don’t give up. (I wrote an article for Dreamlist.ph about this here)

4. If you ask God for a sign, He will give it to you. It could be vague, but sometimes, it could also be as specific as what you had asked.

5. Put down your phone and talk to the person in front of you. Don’t be rude.

6. Don’t let your relationships make you forget about your friends. This is actually one of the things I used to be guilty of and hate when other people do it to me.

7. Travel, whether near or far; alone or with your friends. I didn’t really do this a lot this year, but on the few times that I did, it really helped me. This is essentially the break your mind and soul needs.

8. Strike up a conversation with someone you think might be interesting. You could be wrong, but you could also miss out on one of the greatest first conversations of your life. It could be a story worth telling the grandkids.

9. It’s okay to feel and to talk about how you feel, especially with the person whom the feelings are for. Since my last breakup (in early 2012), I have been running away from feelings. Emotions are tough to deal with, but they’re even tougher to put aside.

10. It’s not so embarrassing to talk to your mom about relationships. It might actually surprise you that you can both learn from each other.

With all of these things in mind, I aim to make 2014 the year wherein I fully apply all these lessons I learned. I can’t say I’ll make 2014 much simpler, but I’d like to have a lot less of a mess this coming year.

Top - Style Hub | Pants - Folded & Hung | Boots - Tonic Bags & Shoes | Bag - ALDO Canada

What are the things you learned this 2013? :)


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  1. Great post! 4, 8 and 10 were some lessons I had to learn this year as well, and I'm really glad I did. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Thank you, Aly! :)


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