Should I Color My Hair?

Since my blogger blondie (who isn't really blonde) Angel invited me to get my hair colored the first time, I've been thinking mo...

Since my blogger blondie (who isn't really blonde) Angel invited me to get my hair colored the first time, I've been thinking more and more about actually getting it done. I turned down the invitation because I wanted to grow out my hair first; plus, I was not sure what hair color I wanted to get. I was initially looking at the hair color Selena Gomez had for her NEO Adidas campaign, as seen here.

If you have seen me in person, you would know that I have dark hair - almost black, even. So I thought going for a lighter shade of brown would be safe and easy to achieve. But as I thought about it more, I actually realized I wanted to go for something burgundy (less purple, more red/maroon).

However, I'm not sure which shade in particular will match my skin color so I absolutely need professional help(!) as well as your opinion. I have been looking at hair pegs here, here, and here, but can't settle on a decision just yet. If you also happen to know a good salon to get the color done, let me know. I'm still giving my hair at least a month to grow a bit more anyway.

I have never gotten my hair colored. Ever. I have always loved the jet black hair I was born with; plus, a lot of people I've come across seem to agree with me. Some even freak out when I tell them that I'm actually looking at coloring my hair already because I'm getting bored. But, we'll see. Either burgundy or the safer Selena Gomez hair color.

Top - vintage | Cropped blazer - custom-made; vintage | Skirt - Betty; SM GTW | Belt - ISHTA; The Ramp | Heels - Vida; Zalora Philippines (10% discount on first purchase: ZBAP0fg)

What do you think? Have you ever had your hair colored? Are you adventurous when it comes to coloring your hair?


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  1. I've been dying my hair since I was fourteen! Since you haven't dyed your hair ever, the color won't be as vibrant. I think it depends on where you get it done, but usually, that's how it goes. I think medium brown with slight red undertones would suit you - if you really want to have a burgundy tone to it. Then, maybe go for the more daring color next time. ;)

  2. Yeah, I should probably take it one at a time. Maybe I'll get it colored medium brown first and see how the color sticks. I have super black hair and it might take longer to lighten :p Thanks for the tip!! x

  3. It will take longer to lighten. But you should definitely try it first, because when your hair gets used to it (by the second time you dye it), then it'll be more vibrant. ;) Glad I can help! :>


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