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Here in the Philippines, prom can come either once or twice (Junior-Senior prom) for you depending on which high school you go to. Personall...

Here in the Philippines, prom can come either once or twice (Junior-Senior prom) for you depending on which high school you go to. Personally, I enjoy getting all dolled up for an event as formal as prom so I had no problem with experiencing prom twice (yay, JS Prom!)

As we are nearing the end of the year, we are also closing in on prom season – the season a lot of high school kids (mostly the girls) are looking forward to. And one of the dilemmas us girls have when it comes to prom is the gown. Whether you want to wear a dress or a floor length gown, you’re sure to want to stand out in your outfit. As such, here are some tips I would like to offer you based on the two times I’ve experienced prom:

Plan Ahead
I know 2-4 months seems so far away, but you have to remember that the prom season is a widespread event that happens in every school. Know how much your budget is. There will be a lot of available dresses but you just have to plan ahead of time. It is highly likely that a designer will be fully booked or that a dress shop will run short on stocks or sizes. You can also search online for prom dresses whether to buy or to use as reference.

Find Your Fit
We all have different body types and the beauty of gowns is that there are so many designs and cuts that you’ll certainly find one for your body. A Sheath/Column Prom Dress like on the photo above is nice if you want to look taller or slimmer since it cuts you at a higher area of your body, while the skirt falls perfectly to the floor. This shape elongates your body.

Accessorize Accordingly
During my prom, I used very minimal accessories because I had a dress that was similar to these Halter Prom Dresses (save $10 with coupon code: xq10usdoff at, which already had enough personality on its own. Plus, I just think that the lesser the accessories, the classier the outfit will turn out.

On the other hand, V-neck Prom Dresses like the ones above are nice if you have your eyes set on wearing a beautiful cascading necklace. Personally, my preference would still be the halter dresses. But that’s just me.

Have Fun
Lastly, just enjoy! It’s prom and you have to make the most out of it, whether you are going with your girlfriends or with a date. I know I had fun even when I went to prom twice with my friends.

Share with me your prom experiences! I had fun reliving mine for a quick bit while I was writing this post ☺ Hope you find your dress!


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  1. I love the halter cut designs! aww i suddenly miss prom/grad ball days :P

  2. Me too, on both counts! I really enjoy dressing up to the nines from time to time :)


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