Leotard for a Night Out

Every once in a while, we all deserve a good break. While I love staying at home and simply sleeping the weekend away, I also enjoy going...

Every once in a while, we all deserve a good break. While I love staying at home and simply sleeping the weekend away, I also enjoy going out with friends to drink and dine. Night-outs in Makati is different, though, than night-outs here in the southern area simply because I find it more chill around here. There are a lot of excellent places to lounge around if you are looking for a place to drink and dine without the loud traffic—one being Vapor Hookah Lounge, which I visited over the weekend with my favorite southerners, Angel and Verge. I’ll tell you more about the experience on a separate post. For now, let’s do the outfit post!

Whenever we go around the south area, I prefer being in shorts or casual dresses simply because I’d feel too overdressed otherwise. Forget the heels, too, because I’d rather be in comfy shoes like flats, boots, or sneakers, if not actual slippers (not kidding!) :P

On this night, I went for the V-printed leotard that I got from my mom. Threw on a pair of white shorts and tied a jacket around my waist in case it would rain.

Spring 2014 collections in New York showcased fanciful fashion through model off-duty looks incorporating soft cotton leotards and leggings. After this night, however, I came to the conclusion that leotards aren’t the friendliest fashion piece because they are absolutely not forgiving! Not to mention, going to the washroom posed to be quite the challenge. Haha! On the plus side, the V print on mine helped in giving me a good figure and the leotard itself helped keep everything sucked in. Also, it’s hard not to feel sexy when you have something as body hugging and shaping like a leotard. Wear it at your own risk! ;)

V Printed Leotard - vintage | Shorts - Space, Rustan's | Boots - Romwe | Jacket - LEE
{ Photos by Vergil Chua }

Have you ever tried wearing a leotard or bodysuit? Your thoughts?


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  1. So cute! I've always loved this look, but never had a leotard to do it. I'm definitely feeling inspired to go find one now, though.

    Thanks for sharing this cute look!


  2. The leotard looks so good on you, and the print is just lovely! :)
    I haven't tried wearing one but after reading your post, I think I'm going to buy anytime soon. :)


  3. Definitely just for photoshoots these leotards :))


  4. Nice blouse! It adds up to your already good figure. :)

  5. Cute leotard. Dress him as much as possible! You look sweet and sexy!


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