I once mentioned that I am am a fan of the show Suits . I may have followed the third season a bit later than most, but I'm sure I...

I once mentioned that I am am a fan of the show Suits. I may have followed the third season a bit later than most, but I'm sure I'm not the only one still hungover from it. What can I say? They really know how to keep their viewers on the edge of their seats. It only bugs me that the third season was really short and I'm left to think (again), "What do I do now?" - like how I always ended up feeling when I finished the first two seasons of the series.

While the men of Suits look absolutely sharp and dashing, the women aren't left behind. I always love looking at the characters of Jessica Pearson, Donna Paulsen, Jessica Zane, and Katrina Bennett for work wear style inspirations. If you can't keep up, you should definitely start watching the series. Those women know how to rock the workroom. They also make dressing for the office look like fun!

In my last post, I channeled a Rachel Zane look. She stands out from the sea of black form-fitting dresses by putting together bright or light-colored ensembles. Today, I'm looking more at Jessica Pearson's structured style. Jessica is the woman in-charge and likes to dress in drapes and structural folds. I went with the drapes so the style won't be too mature for me.

The top I'm wearing is actually a dress that has a scarf-like detail attached to it. I overlapped them to create the draped effect and secured it by tucking it into the beige pencil skirt. Gold accents added life to the neutral tones and matched my skin perfectly.

Working ladies, let me know what you think! Or if you're still in school, how do you think you'll be dressing up when you start working? I actually always thought I'd be more casual, but now that I'm in the field that I am, it's the opposite!


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  1. Nice look dear! :)

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  2. I love this look Megann! so polished and classy!! the dress is perfect with the accessories and heels! nice nice <3

  3. as I was going through posts, I can see how did you come up with idea for the nude shoes - thank you very much for the suggestion - sometimes is not easy to think out of the box - but, thankfully, there is the whole blogger world arround:-)

  4. Thanks Miijana! I get a lot of styling ideas from other blogs too. It is such a thrill to see what others' tastes are like when it comes to fashion and personal style :)

  5. Oh gosh, thank you! Dressing up for work is always so daunting. I used to find it so easy when I was just starting out, but now I just look forward to every casual Friday and weekend I can get haha :)

  6. Aww, thanks Rhea! I think I saw you at the Globe event the other day :P Were you there? Wasn't sure though. Seems like you were working

  7. Thanks Jenniya!

  8. hahaha, I completely understand you:-)

  9. I totally agree on this one!


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