What Do You Pink?

What do you pink—what do you think...get it? Get it? Haha okay. I am not the biggest fan of pink, to be honest with you. I was actually...

What do you pink—what do you think...get it? Get it? Haha okay.

I am not the biggest fan of pink, to be honest with you. I was actually thinking twice about sharing this set of photos with you. However, there are a few instances wherein I have reached for the said color because—let’s admit—it is a color that is a delight to look at. Whether it is in a light or vibrant shade, it brings out a positive reaction in people. And so, with that, I was convinced that I should share this look with everyone.

Growing up with guys influenced me greatly. While my mom would dress me up in frilly clothes, a part of me still toughened up and didn’t mind roughing it out every so often. As you may know, I am into sports and have joined some quite interesting ones—track and field, boxing, and dragonboat. Whenever I tell people about my stories while on the team, I would get “Are you kidding me?” looks and I laugh thinking that it must be the way I dress that confuses them.

It goes to show that you can never really judge a person by the outside appearance. More often, they are more interesting when you start talking to them. Taking a day during my recent travel to walk around alone and meet people definitely taught me this lesson. However, I’ll save that story for next time because that will be too far off topic for this post.

Posh Wardrobe top | Bread & Butter skirt | Syrup heels | Tomato watch

I hope you’re all having a great week so far! It has started to rain again and I’m praying that it won’t be that bad.

Don’t forget to leave comments and share with me your thoughts on this post! I’d love to read your stories, too.


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  1. melhiddenpassions.blogspot.comSeptember 5, 2013 at 8:53 PM

    i wonder if that kind of style will fit my body (medium build) without appearing too big... and there's that gold shoes again, very nice!

  2. I really pink you're gorgeous! hihihihi :D I love the dress on you and you really look pretty in pink! :) I so envy youuu cause I can't seem to pull a pink look that well kaya puro black an white ako. :))

    P.S. I use Canon 500D with a 50mm f1.8 lens :)

  3. Yes, who would think that a dragon boat team member would look so fab in pink?? And girly too!:) Love this look on you, twin! Continue surprising us with your looks! Love it!

  4. you look so dainty with pink! it's nice to surprise others with clothes you wouldn't dare wear or think would wear :P


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