Boracay Travel Diary: Day 3 & 4

Saturday was officially our last day, though technically we were scheduled to fly the morning after. As our flight was the first flight o...

Saturday was officially our last day, though technically we were scheduled to fly the morning after. As our flight was the first flight out from Kalibo airport, we had to leave Caticlan the night before to catch the boat that was going to take us to Kalibo. As such, Saturday was our “last” day.

Meet my adorable friend, Kit. She's an amazing videographer!
And my bestfriend (you always see her name on my social media), Maita.

After lunch, we decided to go helmet diving. None of us have ever done this, so it was nice to experience it with friends who didn’t know what was going to happen either. We were practically psyching each other out, though I’m pretty sure I was the only one legitimately nervous about it. You see, I have a thing with fishes swimming around me. I get so worked up…and yet I keep snorkelling and doing all these water activities.

But actually, I think after the experience, I’m much better at mingling with the undersea world—the small fishes, at least. Our diving instructor brought along an underwater camera, which I’m positive he was able to capture a lot of my terrified facial expressions. Haha! We’ll have to see when Kit finishes editing our vacation video ;)

Look at the fear on my face on that lower left photo :p

The only thing about helmet diving I struggled with, though, was the helmet. Naturally, it had to be extremely heavy so that it wouldn’t easily flip over and let water in. When people ask me about how it works, I just tell them to try it out with a tabo, with the hollow part (where you put the water) facing down and you press on the tabo into the pail of water and notice how water doesn’t get in. The hollow part remains free from water.

A tiring activity like that only deserved to be followed by a hearty lunch at D’Talipapa—definitely our favorite place to eat at because of all the fresh seafood you can find! At D’Talipapa, you basically shop at the middle wet market area and have one of the restaurants cook the raw food you bought. We of course had our favorite buttered crab, plus some lobster cooked in coconut milk, and a plateful of sweet and spicy grilled squid. A great meal to cap-off our trip! May I just add that I even pierced my thumb while trying to crack open the crab. Haha! I had my thumb literally bleeding as I was eating. I had to wrap tissue around it at least. Nothing can stop me from eating! :p

We went back to our hostel, Bambooze Hauz, to take a nap and pack our things. A few hours later, we headed to Kalibo and stayed for a few hours at Airport Pensione House until we had to check-in for our flight Sunday morning. The Airport Pensione House was like this inn that is really close to the Kalibo airport, and offered rooms for 12 hours and 24 hours. We were able to get an airconditioned room for 4 (because their rooms for 3 were all occupied already) for only P700 total.

All in all, this Boracay trip is one for the books. I haven’t had this much fun and adventure in a while, so it was good to get it out of my system! I can’t wait for our video to be finished. I’ll definitely post it up here when it’s live! For now, I hope you all enjoyed the stories I shared with you. And let me know if you have any questions about the places we went to or the activities we tried :)


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