Boracay Travel Diary: Day 2

Much like  Day 1 , our Friday morning was chill. We walked around D'Mall. As we were on vacation, we seemed to always wake up just in...

Much like Day 1, our Friday morning was chill. We walked around D'Mall. As we were on vacation, we seemed to always wake up just in time for brunch. Aren't you supposed to wake up early to maximize the day especially when you're in a different place? We aren't very good vacationers, I suppose :p At least in that department. Haha!

Check it! It's my Dan Matutina Havaianas from #MYOH2013! Thanks, Havaianas Phils!

We ended up having brunch (yet again) at Real Coffee. Mama Lee (the owner) was there. We are absolute fans and love all the cute quotes she posts in her shop. Our favorite being, "Real men are like coffee - strong and hot". I had the “Super Duper” sandwich, which was basically a whole chunk of everything—tuna, lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes in between 3 slices of brown bread.

The photo, however, is not the sandwich. Haha! I think it’s Kit’s Omelette, but it was just as good!

After brunch, we headed to Station 1 to lay on the beach and tan. We first attempted to walk the supposed shoreline, but it was still high tide. What a funny experience, though! :p

Bikini from Enzo Shoppe

Maita and I did most of the tanning, though. We also ordered some mango shakes to quench our thirst. We waited until we had to leave for our island hopping that was scheduled at 2PM. Before leaving, though, we got a 30-minute lesson on skim boarding from a kid named Robert. We paid him P200, which seemed really reasonable. I’m sure he was just doing it for fun, but we didn’t mind paying.

For our island hopping, we went to Crystal Cove where we basically swam in two caves. It was beautiful! We saw rocks that were covered with crystals. Our guide even told us that we can take home a crystal if we managed to take one out—but knowing how well-lodged those crystals were into the rocks, we failed in our attempt. It was worth a shot, though!

After which, we went to somewhere in the middle of the sea to do some snorkelling.

After a tiring day, we headed back to our room and took a few minutes of rest. Next on our list was to have dinner, get a massage, and head out for some light drinking.

We had dinner at True Food Indian Cuisine, where we got a tray full of goodness. Really stuffed! I believe we didn’t fail (at all) in choosing the best places to eat at, especially at D’Mall where it can get a bit confusing because of the number of restaurants there.

A spa was quietly situated near Real Coffee (the old location, because I hear they just moved), which seemed like the perfect spot to get our massages done. It was a good 1-hour massage that really helped me relax.

Here are Rachel and Trish. Two of the many people I met. 

We went for light drinks at the Bamboo Lounge. I had the Amaretto Sour, only because it hasn’t failed me taste-wise at any other bars. It was my safe choice. Later on, I proceeded to Epic Bar and ended the night with newfound friends from the island and from everywhere else.

That wraps up day 2! Next is Day 3 - not as long as Day 2, but just as fun! Come back for that? :)


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