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In my last post, I gave you a teaser of this outfit and also let you in on what's up. Now I'm back and in full-force work mode,...

In my last post, I gave you a teaser of this outfit and also let you in on what's up. Now I'm back and in full-force work mode, I'm able to write some sensible posts again. I didn't want to publish something just for the sake of updating (with no valuable content), so I had to push back. Anyway, let's go.

The Philippines basically has two seasons: the wet season and the dry season. While temperature will vary depending on where you are exactly, most of the year feels like summer especially here in Manila. So, whenever it gets a little cooler, I'm one of those who are quick to whip out their cardigan or sweater for a chance to layer.

When I went to Bloggers United last June, I knew that if I were to buy clothes, it would be to prepare for the coming rainy season. I already have so many summer clothes as it is that I don't need any more of them. So, I had my eyes set out to find thicker materials, which, fortunately, landed me this classy black and white sweater. It's casual but proper. I knew that with this pullover I will be leaning more towards preppy or at least layering it over a button-down.

My blogger friends say I have a girly style. I can't say I completely agree with them because I find the term "girly" requires florals and ribbons, which I don't wear often or even have a lot of. Instead, I feel like my style is more like putting together random pieces to create a feminine silhouette for my outfits. Not necessarily girly, but there's a certain softness in my style even when I'm using stronger, more edgy pieces.

Aside from this, I enjoy putting together looks that can take me from day to night - that has to be my favorite! For someone who has a day job and likes to have a life outside of work, day to night outfits are the-bomb-dot-com ;) I'm sure a lot of working ladies can relate with me as well.

Sweater from Bloggers United 5 (I can't remember if from Sarah Tirona or Aie Corpuz)
Levi's button-down | Spruced Up skirt | Centropelle heels | Tomato watch

The weather is much better here in Manila now than when I left last Wednesday. I'm hoping this continues. I do notice that I'm catching a cold, so it must be from the constant hot-and-cold weather situation around here. So, if you are feeling a little bit sick too, better drink lots of water and have another fruit! It's not fun being sick :(


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  1. I do like the windy weather we're having today. Hot but windy. :) I like. I wouldn't whip out my sweater though in this heat but maybe a sheer cardigan will do.

    Love the chunky shoes btw!


  2. I keep getting colds, they'd go away in the evening and come back in the morning. I have no idea whats going on...but like everyone's saying, it must be the weather. Super in love with your shoes!


  3. Yeah, I used to get that, too. It really is the weather. Although, now I really am sick and not just the type that goes away in the evening. Hahaha well, I hope you're feeling better! :)

  4. Haha yeah. This day was extra cool, so it was great! Plus our office gets almost like North Pole sometimes :P LOL. Thank you! :)


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