Mom's Closet Treasure Finds

Have you ever gone through your mom's (or dad's, for the guys) closet in hopes of snagging some vintage goodness? I have done so sev...

Have you ever gone through your mom's (or dad's, for the guys) closet in hopes of snagging some vintage goodness? I have done so several times already. In fact, I even mentioned it in some of my old posts and have worn my mom's clothes on here. I love that she has been able to keep a lot of clothes from when she was about my age, and now, I get to use them!

I went on another scavenger hunt this weekend while my mom was sorting out clothes to be sold at a garage sale. These three bodysuits or leotards were my treasure finds that time around! I swear, raiding her closet has never failed me. Something I like always seems to pop up!

Check out these awesome leotards/bodysuits I found! On many occasions, I have thought about going out and buying a bodysuit for myself just as a style challenge I would self-impose. I never got around to it because I kept forgetting. At least now I can proceed with the challenge without having spent for the bodysuits! I also love that these came in 1 basic black suit and 2 printed ones. Cute, right? Which one is your fave? :) I know I'll probably have the hardest time when I have to go to the restroom though. LOL.

Well, okay, aside from the upcoming Boracay trip I'll have, I now have to get toned for these babies! ;)


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  1. Ang galiiiiing!!! Buti ka pa, your Mom was able to save a lot of her clothes.. Hindi kasi nagawa ni Mama yan with all the moving we did while I was growing up.. From Manila to Kuwait.. :( Rock those clothes! You know what would be super cool? If your Mom had an old photo of her wearing those tapos ikaw din mag-picture ka then pagtabihin mo! Hahahaha!

  2. Aww, sayang naman! Hilig ko pa naman mangraid ng closet ng mom ko. Even sa lola ko :p Haha actually that should be interesting. If may mahanap nga ako na photo of her wearing it. She used it daw for working out eh (yung may leggings underneath) - very retro! :))

  3. ay bongga to megann! gusto ko yang tanga tops ng mommy mo! haha i call those tangga tops kasi remember ate v wearing those things at her late night showa when i was young (okay narereveal ang age!) haha! mishoo girl! i also hoarded mom's closet pero dahil boyish ang style nya, pang grunge ang naging peg ko haha :D

  4. Hahaha ateng ate ah! ;)) Actually yeah, my mom calls it tangga too. Yun pala talaga ang tawag. Masyado kong pinabata yung name at ginawang leotard haha. Feelingera. Anyway, yeah I saw nga the shirt! :) Miss you. Set na natin date natin pls :)

  5. Wooow you're so lucky!!! Vintage leotards are thee best! :)


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