Balance and Consistency: The Guiding Principles Of Wearing Colors

Remember when color blocking first came in as a trend back in Spring/Summer 2012? Since then, fashion followers have become more and more...

Remember when color blocking first came in as a trend back in Spring/Summer 2012? Since then, fashion followers have become more and more experimental with their color choices, and even throwing prints into the mix from time to time. The rise of the color block trend was actually what pushed me to welcome more colors into my wardrobe. I was definitely strutting on the safe side of the color spectrum before that. But how does one exactly incorporate more colors and prints into their wardrobe, particularly, their outfits?

Dressing up in different colors already seems overwhelming for some—what more if it were bright colors? Over the months that I have jumped back and for from colorful outfits to neutral ones, I came to realize that the guiding principles that lets me remain comfortable with what I’m wearing despite the number of colors I have on is balance and consistency.

Balance is about pairing bright colors with colors that are a little less shocking. Like my outfit, you don’t necessarily have to use neutral tones to balance out a look. Here, I used a bright turquoise printed dress and paired it with a subtler pink pullover.

You can also limit yourself to wearing 3 colors for now. That’s a start. Some fashionistas go as far as having 5 colors, but that all depends on how comfortable you are with working with colors. You can always throw in black or white into the mix, though, since technically they are technically shades and can allow you more flexibility with your look.

Consistency is setting a color palette you want to work with and sticking to it. Especially when you are incorporating prints into the mix, take that as your main piece and pick out other pieces that are in colors present in the print of your main piece. Having a main piece and building your “supporting” pieces around it creates consistency and ties together your whole look.

Don’t worry about not getting it right the first time. I still get my “misses” when it comes to dressing up every now and then, but as long as you’re open to trying it out, you’ll see the different styles that work well for you. Remember that the Internet is filled with information on fashion and dressing up, so you can easily gain access to tips and tricks!

Hollister pullover (c/o TOPS) | Landmark dress | YRYS socks | Advan sneakers | Pink Fashion bag


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  1. I agree with how you styled this look :) the pink is really popping here especially the bag! I'm really crushing on your bag!!! so cuuute <3

  2. Aww, thanks Rhea!!! :) Get one for yourself, too. Haha it's super cute + it actually fits more than it looks :D


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