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Frontyard top | Spruced Up  skirt Hello! Hello! I'm currently in the car right now on my way to the province to attend a wedding...

Frontyard top | Spruced Up skirt

Hello! Hello! I'm currently in the car right now on my way to the province to attend a wedding. Thank goodness for a hotspot-capable mobile phones that allow me to go online even when I'm on the road. Even better, my Globe 3G is so strong even here - currently at Sariaya, Quezon.

So Father's Day is just around the corner and have you decided on what to get for your dad yet? My dad just turned 62 last week and as most of you may know, he assists me with the photos on this blog so he is totally the most amazing man in my life.

If you are thinking of what to get for the most amazing man in your life, check out Globe's postpaid offers for this special occasion. With the best-ever Globe MySuperPlan, a postpaid plan that gives subscribers a plan value that is almost twice the value of prepaid load and the full flexibility of choosing consumables, combos, gadgets, and contract periods that best fits one’s needs, budget, and lifestyle – all you have to do is ask yourself: What kind of Dad do I have and what’s the perfect postpaid plan for him?

Is he a Traditional Dad? A Millennium Dad? Or a Mogul Dad? You can see the different offers at www.globe.com.ph/postpaid or visit any Globe Store or call 730-1010.


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  1. Hope you have an amazing time at the wedding and a safe journey , your dad looks like an awesome man .

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  2. Thank you, Meghan!

  3. love the color of your skirt sister!!! thats my wedding motif :p


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