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I had the chance to catch the premiere screening of World War Z  some time last week (thank you, Coy !) and found myself drawn to milit...

I had the chance to catch the premiere screening of World War Z some time last week (thank you, Coy!) and found myself drawn to military colors the following day. As I went through my closet, I found an old jacket that I got as a gift--I'm not sure if for my birthday or Christmas--when I was in 7th grade and it still fit me fine! More so, I loved that it transformed my look into something more edgy. The wonderful thing about this jacket, too, is that I can flip it over and turn it into a backpack so I don't have to carry it around with my hands. I should've probably taken a photo of it in that form just to show you. Maybe next time.

I remember collecting jackets around that time because that was when we started to have airconditioned rooms back at my high school. I would get hoodies, zip-up jackets, denim jackets, etc. I only managed to save a few, but I'm glad what I saved are still useable and appropriate for now. Just goes to show that fashion trends do have a cycle.

It has certainly been raining here in the Philippines. Rainy season usually lasts up until around August, and sometimes extends into the -ber months--but around that time it's not too bad; just tolerable rain and cold breeze. Which is why you can expect more looks with layers and/or dark colors. Even though I typically lean more towards army green and brown around this time of year, I'll make sure to pop out less gloomy colors to keep things interesting.

Dress from Hong Kong | Centropelle heels (via Zalora) | Lee Jeans jacket | House Of Luxe triangle rings | Une Belle Accessories Route 55 ring

How has the weather been treating you, my Philippine readers? I'm slightly jealous of my cousin from Canada who is now experiencing summer. Hope you are all doing fine!


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  1. Thanks, Bo! :)

  2. Definitely comfy! Thanks, Chai :)

  3. Z outfit looks really good on ya !

  4. Thank you, Garmo :)

  5. Great outfit, I love the mix of khaki!

    xx Bo

  6. Nice look dear! Cool and comfy. Nice colors to match :)


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