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Hi love!  Let me share with you a not-so-secret since we're friends after all. I love cheap fashion--I do. I get giddy over scoring...

Hi love! Let me share with you a not-so-secret since we're friends after all. I love cheap fashion--I do. I get giddy over scoring cheap finds, whether it be at a bazaar, a thrift shop (What, what, what, what? LOL comment if you got that), or a local department store. If given the choice of getting 5 articles of clothing under PhP1,000 VS 1 branded item at PhP1,000 (+++), I'm more inclined to choosing the first. However, just to be clear, I hold out the cash only for specific fashion items--one of which being 'trendy pieces'.

For a yuppie who is only getting to know the real world and the realities that come with earning and spending (unfortunately) your own money, I have to know when to spend and when to splurge. I can shell out the extra Pesos for timeless and basic pieces; trendy clothes are a different story. Something too funky I'd rather go for its more affordable alternative--not to say that I'm not guilty for buying an expensive trendy item, but I now make more calculated decisions with shopping. How boring and adult-like. LOL but it's true and it saves me more money!

Breaking away from the work wear, I enjoy wearing comfortable clothes that still have character. This dress in particular was something I got from the rack of a local department store for only PhP200+, if I remember correctly. With a cross between vintage and bohemian, it was just too hard to pass up! This shift dress was perfect to wear to the BU5 bazaar because I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking and squeezing through a crowd so I didn't want to be caught with a complicated look that will just look messed up later on that day.

Landmark shift dress | YRYS belt

As always, if you are only trying out a trend or style, it doesn't hurt to check for cheaper alternatives. You won't need to risk breaking the bank only to find out later on that you don't like it. It may be fun to be different for a day, but you'll always know what you're more comfortable with regardless of what everyone else is wearing.

Say hi to my cutiepie friend in the back, Syrena, Angel's daughter! :)

{ Photos by Angel Rodriguez }


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  1. ang cute cute naman ni syrena sa likod :) haha see you soon meggy! btw i texted you!!

  2. looking sweet...

    New post up!!

  3. I love anything with tassels on, and the coral and cream combo here is fantastic!

    Tara x

  4. OMG SO SORRY!!! Panira ng photo! Ang ganda pa naman. Fierce na fierce yung pose, biglang may epal sa likod. Parang chicken lang. Hahaha.

  5. I don't mind. Syrena can take over my blog with her cuteness anytime! :p Hahaha chicken.

  6. Thanks a bunch, Tara! x

  7. Yeah nga eh kulit haha love her :) See you!


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