What to wear to a meeting?

A lot of my looks have been casual lately, so I decided to go for a  work wear  post this time around. Typically, I would shoot my looks ...

A lot of my looks have been casual lately, so I decided to go for a work wear post this time around. Typically, I would shoot my looks on the actual day that I am wearing an outfit but my schedule hasn't permitted me to do so most of the time, so I resort to waiting until Friday or Saturday to shoot all the looks I've worn during the week. It takes up more time, but sometimes I only have time to dress up before I head out the door.

More recently, I am beginning to realize that my style preference leans towards fresh and refined. This becomes very evident when I am dressing up for something work-related, such as last week when I had to attend a meeting. Aside from being prepared by knowing what the agenda is, it also helps to look put-together especially when you know you'll be presenting in front of a crowd. Nothing does this better for me than an outfit with a neutral color palette.

Style Hub top | custom-made skirt | Chick Flick heels | Tomato watch

Every time I'm about to come up with a look for a presentation or a meeting, whether for school or for work, I think about these things to guide me when putting together a "meeting outfit":

Is it going to be at your school or office? Will there be traveling involved? Whether it's a short trip or one that will take an hour or two, you should bring a pair of flats (if you aren't already wearing one) so that you can walk/run/jump (if need be LOL) easily. Even if you will be driving there, driving in heels isn't exactly a piece of cake so just bring the flats and leave it in the car when you get to the venue.

Some meetings have a specified duration, some meetings don't. If it's going to be one of those in-and-out type of presentations that take around 30 minutes to less than an hour, then you're free to be in pain for the sake of beauty. The choice is yours. I do prefer being comfortable in what I'm wearing regardless of the duration of the meeting. Not only will you be able to last longer, but you'll be able to present or speak better.

While you may not be talking in front of half of the nation, it still pays to look neat. Those potential clients who also happen to be your friends will appreciate the fact that you take your work seriously and go the extra mile to look presentable even if it's just them. Casual meetings are still meetings, and you are still going to be representing something or someone. Look the part.

After around 2 years of blogging, I've learned that it pays to dress up. This doesn't mean that you have to be all glammed up every time, but simply making a conscious effort to put together a look that will speak well of your intentions can be of big help. Also, don't forget to follow the dress code if there is one!

If you're wondering why there's a random chicken in the background, it is because we raise chickens. LOL

I hope you all found this post interesting enough to read. If not, then that just means that the chicken behind me on the last photo totally stole my thunder. Haha! Hope you're all having a great week and I'll talk to you again in my next post.

For more work wear ideas, click here :)


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  1. AMISHU NA MAY GALLY!!!! I wish i could wear sleevless to our work meetings but they strictly enforce that we should wear top with sleeves! :D love your new layout!

  2. Kinga Sarolta KavasiJuly 27, 2013 at 9:53 PM

    you look amazing, dear :)



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