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With only a week left before my cousin's wedding, I was still scampering around malls hoping to find a dress that I could wear to the...

With only a week left before my cousin's wedding, I was still scampering around malls hoping to find a dress that I could wear to the special occasion. I know I already have enough clothes as it is; however, I came to realize that I didn't have anything appropriate for a wedding - for this wedding, at least. After trying on several dresses and going in and out of various stores, I was almost ready to give up and just wing it. Thank the Internet for online shops!

If it's your first time shopping online for a formal dress, then let me share some tips to help you ease into finding THE dress and making a good purchase. I've never bought any dress like this online before, so these are also some of the things I learned along the way.

Budget. Sometimes, we girls - or at least I - tend to buy dresses only for a specific occasion not even thinking if we can wear it to anything else after that. Anyone else guilty of this? :P This is where having a budget when buying a dress can be really helpful. Consider the type of event, how much dresses for those events would normally cost at actual boutiques, and the possibility that you might actually only get to wear this once or twice. Spend only the amount you're comfortable with.

Style. No matter how gorgeous or sexy a dress is, its beauty will be lost if it isn't appropriate for the event. The wedding I attended was set at Santuario de San Antonio, where they had a bit of a strict dress code for those who will be walking down the aisle (entourage, principal sponsors, secondary sponsors, etc). I actually didn't know I would be walking for the offertory until the day before the wedding, but I'm glad I managed to find a blazer to match the dress. I took off the blazer at the reception. Be in something that speaks of your style yet does not overpower the event itself.

Sizing. This is where it can get tricky with online shops. Some dresses, such as the one I bought, are tailored to cling on to your body in a certain way. Make sure that all the measurements are provided and carefully measure yourself for comparison. It also helps to e-mail the shop owners and ask for the model's measurements so that you can get an idea of which size to get.

Shipping. As I said, I was already down to the last week before the wedding which meant that I needed to be assured that my package will arrive on time. While some online shops offer rush shipping (for which you'll have to pay extra), you can also ask the shop owners if they think it will reach your doorstep on time. Set a deadline for yourself - think that at least 3 days before the event, you should already have your dress with you (this goes the same for when you will be buying from a store). This will give you enough time to at least have minor alterations done should there be any need for them.

I have always preferred shopping at stores instead of online just because my measurements can get tricky, having a long torso and a heavy bottom. However, I do enjoy shopping online because of its convenience. You just have to make sure you are getting your sizes correctly. If you are doubtful, excellent online shops will have an easy contact page where you can send in your questions. In my case, I asked about Stephanie's (one of the Pinkaholic's owners and the model for this dress) measurements just to be sure. They were pretty quick on the response too!

Let me know if you have other online shopping tips by sharing them in the comments section below. Let's help each other out! ;)

Pinkaholic dress | Chick Flick heels | House Of Luxe earrings


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