Longer legs in skirts and angles

The Posh Wardrobe  top | skirt (gift)  | Chick Flick  heels | Tomato  watch Tuesday last week turned out to be a pretty long and tirin...

The Posh Wardrobe top | skirt (gift) | Chick Flick heels | Tomato watch

Tuesday last week turned out to be a pretty long and tiring yet very enjoyable day for me. I was up by 7 in the morning and was out and about by 8. Since I didn't want to feel all disoriented and uncomfortable jumping from one place to another, I decided to take on this day with my 'summer best friend', a skirt! Nothing makes me more comfy moving around than a flowy skirt like this. Aside from the beautiful print, the length also gives me the illusion of longer legs.

You all know I'm all for creating an illusion of longer legs. And so, while we are on that topic, here is another tip if you want to create an illusion of longer legs when it comes to photographs: have your photographer be at an angle that is almost at an eye level, but tilting the camera slightly upward. This was what my friend (and official photog for the day), Nina did - check out the first photo.

A little side story about this skirt: When I got this skirt from my brother's wifey, just because "bagay sayo skater skirts" (skater skirts suit you), I couldn't stop staring. I fell so in love with the print and the fabric that I was really excited to wear it out.

Back to the leg talk, aside from the fact that the angles helped in creating the illusion of longer legs, I have also been doing pilates at home with the help of a Youtube fitness expert, Cassey Ho of Blogilates. It helps in slimming down and toning my problem area! I'm looking into going back to taking actual classes because those can really help me be more disciplined, though, so we'll see. For now, it really helps to be active somehow.

Lastly, before I end this post, let me share with you some photos that don't normally make it on the blog! These are the oops and other awkward photos that I tend to get a lot of whenever my friends take my photos. True friends. Nina and I were actually almost convinced that we should shoot at the dessert-like parking lot, but thank goodness we decided against it. Just imagine how much more awkward photos that'll get out of me! Melt under the sun, anyone?

Hope you're all doing well! :)


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  1. Your sister-in-law is right! Bagay sayo ang skater skirts.. Petite ka kase ;) And I love the print on the skirt!

    'te, bat ganon, pag ako, bat parang kahit naka short shorts, short pa din talaga legs ko? HAHAHAHA!!

  2. Your legs look long! I love the skirt on you. I read before na if you are petite or witj short legs, wear mini skirts or at least dresses/skirts which are above the knees. Love your bag, btw!

  3. this is beautiful look. so romantic and stylish :)


  4. This is adorable!!! I love Cassey too! <33


  5. Thanks, Gemnikka! OMG every time I hear someone else say it, I get so excited :) She's super awesome!

  6. Thank you Olivia

  7. Aww, thanks!! x

  8. Thank you, Ishna :) And yes! Knowing where to cut your body off (clothing wise) will do wonders when it comes to creating an illusion :)

  9. Thanks, Hon! Kaloka ka hahahaha. Keri na yan! Long legs na yon! ;))


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