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Style Hub  lace collar top | Spruced Up  skirt | Syrup heels | Celine  belt I am a little bit obsessing over creams and whites this ...

Style Hub lace collar top | Spruced Up skirt | Syrup heels | Celine belt

I am a little bit obsessing over creams and whites this summer not only because it helps reduce chances of me feeling extremely hot (and not the sexy kind), but also because the colors allow me to easily create a classy looking ensemble. Such was what I needed when I was faced with a 15-minute challenge to dress up for the #TattAwards2013 Launch held at URBN last Friday (April 19). That time, I had just gotten home from an afternoon of running errands, a meeting, and a quick drop-by at a skate event in Alabang Town Center, so I was a little bit disheveled when I got home.

Realizing I only had a couple of minutes to spare before I had to go to URBN for the launch, I immediately gravitated towards a white cotton circle skirt and built an outfit around it. I'm so glad the skirt came in the mail on the same day because I really would've racked my brains for longer deciding on what to wear. Thanks, Spruced Up shop! The plus side of this circle skirt is that it is also made of thicker fabric, so I didn't have to worry about any peek-a-boos despite it being in the color white.

On a side note, I am looking for a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding in May. I'm still contemplating if I want something full-length, or just a cocktail dress. Either way, it is a formal event, so I have to be extra fancy. Where do you guys suggest I look?

Tatt Awards 2013 is now open for nominations! 
There are categories for bloggers, so go to & nominate now!

All of these photos were taken with the use of a timer and a tripod. My usual photog wasn't around, but I'm glad they still turned out decent. What do you think? Of course, these came after minutes of trial-and-error, and even using a chair as a stand-in when I was trying to focus my camera. Haha!


Currently doing a "Styling Gold Heels" series. Check out my other looks here.

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  1. such a lovely outfit! great colors :)

  2. Aw I really adore the collar and colour of your blouse! Amazing post ^_^

    xo Sarah,

  3. Lovely outfit with minty feel Megann! Cool look :)
    Hope we can follow each other too dear! Already following you.
    Happy weekend!

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  4. So pretty! Love the whole outfit but especially the mint top with the collar <3

  5. The collar of your top is so cute! xx


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