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Before I begin... a moment of silence for my legs deciding to look long in most of these photos. LOL.  Okay, sorry about that. I've a...

Before I begin... a moment of silence for my legs deciding to look long in most of these photos. LOL. Okay, sorry about that. I've always wished I was taller than 5'5" and have legs for days--but I don't. I'm just thankful that fashion and style experimentation has taught me that you can emphasize certain parts of your body or create illusions just by choosing the right prints and cuts.

Along with this tip, I'm also showing you how I wore my gold pointed heels with a casual outfit. By choosing separates in laid back textures and styles, I was able to wear these shoes during daytime.

I chose to go with creams and neutral tones for today's look for look so that I'll stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. My new boxy crochet top went so well with these laser cut shorts that I felt it was an inevitable pairing! This look allowed me to wear the gold heels during the day without looking so flashy.

It's nice to wear something as easy-breezy as this because what you wear can also have an effect on how people can feel when they look at you. Wear something relaxing to the eyes on a hot summer day and you'll be greeted with pleasant smiles!

Lastly, to bring a little bit of color back into my look, check out my nails! I was thinking if I should go with lavender, peach, or lime green for my nails and have decided that lime green is the way to go! I just happened to pick up this color at the last minute at the department store and thought I'd give it a shot. I feel like the brightness of the color is so perfect for summer.

That's it! If you're new around here, a quick FYI: in a previous post, I shared that I'm challenging myself to style these gold pointed heels in different ways. So, if you've got other look requests, feel free to leave a comment or tweet me (@megannmonday) and I'll see what I can do about that ;)

Kirin-Kirin crochet top | People Are People (Syrup) heels | Mappleberry cuff | House Of Luxe butterfly ring

Side note: Sorry about the bangs! They are at an awkward length where they're too long to be kept as full bangs, but not long enough to be side swept. At this point, decision making is crucial. Should I keep the full bangs or grow it long enough to be side swept? Suggestions? I am rarely without bangs, so...

You can also see my other looks for this challenge here.


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  1. Not everyone would be able to pull that look off, but it’s very cute.

    1. Thanks Courtenay! Glad to know I was able to pull it off :)

  2. meggy beb i love your top!! can i have it? :D haha

    1. Haha gow! Baka i-sell ko if makahanap ako ng another crochet top. May obsession na :))

  3. such an amazing outfit, dear! love the heels :)

  4. Aww, love your top!! <3


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