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Sometimes, it still gets hard to tell how the weather will be around here. But since it was supposed to be a casual day out, just trying out...

Sometimes, it still gets hard to tell how the weather will be around here. But since it was supposed to be a casual day out, just trying out this new salon, I really wanted to wear these drawstring chambray shorts because they are undeniably comfortable. Sitting in a salon for hours can become very tiring, so it is best to be in something comfortable.

And since it was mostly sunny with hints of cloudiness, I decided this odd-patterned sheer button-down is a safe choice. I absolutely love the print of this top even if I always find it difficult to style it. I just love that it's different and not so structured in terms of the pattern. Is it even really a pattern if the lines aren't even at all?

I also went for a bag that matches this look, hoping it will pass and won't look too overly-done. Your thoughts?

Kisses & Co. top | Tomato shorts & watch | Chick Flick bag

It took me a while to get the correct settings for Youtube video uploads, but it's finally up! You can see the french braid updo tutorial here. Please don't expect anything grand, because I'm not a beauty guru of any sort. I just hoped my method was simple (if not simpler than others') and helpful. Any other requests, you can send them through the Question/Request box at the sidebar.


P.S. I feel like spreading the love this February through a giveaway. You down with that? ;)

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  1. I don't think the bag is an an overly done look to your outfit. On the other hand, I think the bag is just the perfect touch to complete your look!

    You're such a fashionista dear! :)


  2. Replies
    1. Aww, thanks Jenniya! I'm totes throwing a giveaway some time this week :)

  3. Love your top! You look lovely x

  4. definitely not overdone with the bag, i think it looks great together!

    the outfit looks amazing together

    following you on GFC now and looking forward to your future posts!


    1. Thank you, Sophie! I have also been following your blog :) Love your style so much!

  5. No. The tutorial wasn't helpful. At all. Lol. Or I just suck.

    I forgot to mention that I love that top and would be glad to buy it when you get sick of it ;)

    1. You just suck. Lol, kidding. Love you for trying though! I will braid your hair later when we meet up :P And I will def let you know when I decide to sell the top! x

  6. Love this look very casual chic ,awesome blog!

  7. I love this look, especially with the stripes and these shoes :) And thank you for your comment on my blog, you will find love! god gives love to those he loves.

    Following you!


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