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I initially had a long intro for this, but I decided to scrap that out and just head straight to the questions I usually get (or FAQs)! Basi...

I initially had a long intro for this, but I decided to scrap that out and just head straight to the questions I usually get (or FAQs)! Basically, I summarized the FAQs into 5 questions and I also added this question I got through the comments from an anonymous person. I know Blogger doesn't notify people when I respond to their comments, so I thought this would be the best venue to answer his/her question as well :)

1. What do you use to edit photos and how do you edit them?
Adobe Lightroom then Adobe Photoshop--yes, in that order. I use Lightroom to adjust the exposure and color balance and then head to Photoshop for more specific layer effects. I use Lightroom only if I think I need it though.

2. Why do you edit your photos?
I like having a certain feel for the materials I post on my blog :)

3. Who designed your blog?
I did. I based it on a Blogger template which I heavily edited according to how I wanted it to look.

4. Did you take any classes/workshops to learn editing?
Not particularly, but my course did require a certain extent of knowledge about those programs. I basically forced myself to learn about them in high school because I liked editing and designing.

5. Tips for those who want to learn Photoshop?
Hmmm... I think classes can only take you so far. You really have to want to learn to know how it works. Play around with the program; get a feel of what each button does (yes, be like DeeDee from Dexter's Lab haha!) :) Everyone has to start somewhere naman talaga, so don't worry about it!

Anonymous question (blog post): "Hi Megan! I hope you don't mind but I was just wondering.. is there a certain name for that circle images? And.. How do you make it? From scratch or is their a certain feature of photoshop that has a default circular thing already? :D Thanks! I love your blog!"
Oh no! I hope you left your email address or Twitter so I could share with you how :( But anyway, in case you still get to read this, I use Photoshop! There's a tool there called the "marquee tool" (the icon is a dotted rectangle usually). You just right click on it and choose the round/circle marquee tool :) And then to create a perfect circle, hold Shift while you select the area you wanna include inside the image. Once selected, right click within the area and choose Layer via Cut/Copy. Copy this image on a new file and save it as PNG :)

I hope this will be very helpful since I don't really get to explain it in detail whenever I'm asked in person :) If you have more, feel free to use the message box on the sidebar. Don't forget to include your name! Leaving your email address is optional and you may do so if you want me to reply through there.

I'll be back tomorrow with another post!

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