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I just got back from spending the weekend at Tagaytay for my brother's wedding! It was a really lovely one and I'm so grateful to ha...

I just got back from spending the weekend at Tagaytay for my brother's wedding! It was a really lovely one and I'm so grateful to have had the time to be with family. So before I begin, I just wanted to say congratulations, Kuya and Ate! :)

Also, I'll briefly talk about what I wore to work last week before I head on to something else I wanted to share.

I have been very much into button-downs lately. I don't own a lot (I can count how many I have with my fingers), which is why I like reusing and remixing. No harm in that, yes. So today, I decided to go for this sheer button-down, and paired it with my first (and hopefully not last) digi-printed skirt. I liked that since the top is sheer, you can still see the colors of the skirt peeking through. And I don't think it was that noticeable, but I thought adding a blue belt was still a nice touch to this look. What do you think?

Trendphile top | Pill Clothing skirt | House Of Luxe necklace | Tomato watch

Lately, I have been over-thinking a lot of things. I feel like I dwell on certain thoughts too much as if they deserve that much time to be thought of. I have been generally stressed over this that I have been so tired. There's so much to think about and so much to consider with each day that passes by. I don't want to admit that this may possibly be quarter-life crisis, because I've always thought that was just some excuse you give yourself permission to dwell on negativity and doubt. But honestly, I think it may just be. I hear it usually occurs when you've just entered the "real world" and even further into your late 20s. For me, though, it goes beyond the "real world" situation. I've really had a lot of things in mind that I just simply choose to keep to myself.

I know this post doesn't give much away, but I just thought maybe there would be someone who can relate. I know some of those who read my posts are younger than I am, but I'm sure I also have a few visitors who may be about my age or a few years ahead of me. Care to share if you've ever experienced this phase?

This, too, shall pass. I know.

♥ Megann

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  1. beautiful beautiful shirt! Love the necklace too

    1. Thank you, Lucia :) Thought it was perfect to go with the shirt.

  2. I love those shoes and your sleeves :)

  3. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  4. hay your workwear are kabog as always!!! haha!! love it! <3

  5. Thank you, Mila! You're too sweet :)

  6. Great style! CJ


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