Work Wear: Forgivable summer dress

I haven't posted a look since Wednesday and thought it would be a good time to update now. If you didn't know it yet, I'm curre...

I haven't posted a look since Wednesday and thought it would be a good time to update now. If you didn't know it yet, I'm currently running two giveaways here. One is open internationally, so everyone can join! :)

Pink Fashion dress | Chick Flick heels | Island Girl necklace | Mango bag

I'm taking a break (or probably actually stopping) from catching up with my Youtube subscriptions to write this blog post. Maybe I'll get back to my videos again tomorrow. Am I the only one who hoards on subscriptions to beauty gurus? It has become a part of my daily routine that after dinner, I open my browser and head straight to Youtube to see if there are any new uploads. Apart from blogging, watching videos is another way I unwind after a long day. And right now, I love that a lot of the Youtube-rs I'm subscribed to are doing this Christmas vlog series.

Meanwhile, in our tropical country, summer clothes are still happening. Yes, it is totally forgivable when you live in a place where there's never enough reason to put away your summer clothes. Even when a breeze or two does swing by, you will most likely only add a few knitted pieces into your wardrobe... and they won't even be that chunky. No, they won't be chunky at all. Not complaining, but a change of scene would be nice even for just a bit.

Now watch as I shimmy in delight with this new dress I received from Pink Fashion. A few things from them welcomed me when I got home from a night out and I knew I just had to wear one the next day. This vertical striped dress just called out to me!

While this post may seem light and cheery, I would also like to make some room to send my prayers out to those who have been affected by Typhoon Pablo. It recently struck the southern part of our country and have taken at least 254 lives. If you know of a way to send help to them, please do so. Thank you.

♥ Megann

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  1. Cute dress and I love the shoes! xx

  2. You have a cute blog. Like your dress. Come and join the giveaway on my blog if you like xoxo ES

  3. Everything about you is just right

  4. The dress is so pretty, twin!:) even when you twirl!:) the necklace is a perfect touch to it too!

  5. This looks really cute on you :)

  6. Weee you look so pretty with that dress on, Megann!! :) Sobrang summer weather nga talaga dito, palaging may appearance mga summer dresses natin. Haha! Hope to see you soon Megann!!! >:D<


  7. Pretty!! :D love the dress and the shoes! The dress is so 2013 Spring Summer! hehehe :D

  8. perfect outfit! the dress is very cute the accessories are stunning but my fav iare your heels..the chain detail is just stunning!
    Anyway..I am your new follower now :) Hope you will visit my blog soon,,


    my blog: SunshowerLover

  9. I love that dress - it's wonderful! xx

    - Victoria

  10. I like that dress!
    Your blog looks good! I just followed you!

  11. SUCH a pretty dress, and it looks just lovely on you! Wish I could be wearing something like that right now!

    xx, Emily


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