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Mixing up my work look for today with some color and texture, I decided to pair this very energetic cobalt blue top with a shimmery high-wai...

Mixing up my work look for today with some color and texture, I decided to pair this very energetic cobalt blue top with a shimmery high-waist skirt. I've worn the skirt quite a couple of times on here already, but I don't think I've mentioned that this used to be a long skirt. This was previously owned by my mom when she was younger. Quite the forever-piece finder she is. The length, however, didn't suit me so I had to have it altered to my size. I love the way it turned out. The piece is simply a class act! You pair it with anything and the shimmer and print instantly adds character to your look.

The Posh Wardrobe top | vintage skirt | Chick Flick heels & bag | YRYS belt

I have two eye-catching pieces on my plate, but what made this work well together is (1) the shades of the colors on the skirt are light despite the busy print; and (2) the sequined collar attached to my top is in black, which is a color that can be found on the skirt as well so that ties the two together. And to add that youthful feel to this look, I pulled another color from the skirt and used my coral heels. This all made for a fun but still put-together work look.

So I've been really busy with the holiday season around. My brother will be wed this December and we'll be having our relatives from Canada over this month, which I'm super excited for! I will try to update you guys on what's been happening and hopefully, you won't get tired if I get extra chatty ;)

♥ Megann

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  1. I totally love your whole outfit. Your skirt has such a nice print and lovely colors. What's more is that your coral heels are just perfect for a finishing touch of your ensemble :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

    1. Thank you so much, Frances! Really appreciate your comments on my posts :)

  2. Always bongga ng mga vintage pieces from the "bauls" of our moms! :D Ganda mo, Megann!! Really really hoping to see you again soon ♥ Apir, December babies!!


    1. I know! Iba talaga ang mga moms :) Happy birthday to us!! ;)

  3. Wow! We have the same top! Weee! I love that too. :) Really cool! :)

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  4. What an amazing bag and top!


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