What's in my travel bag?

Since I might not be able to post as much once I'm out of town, I thought I'd bombard you with posts this week (and there will surel...

Since I might not be able to post as much once I'm out of town, I thought I'd bombard you with posts this week (and there will surely be more when I get back). Sounds fair?

Today, I've decided to get my lazy butt off of my bed and actually take out the luggage which I will be using for my trip and start packing. It really does pay to get your things ready ahead of time. That way, you won't be using the clothes you plan on taking, you know which of your things need a travel-size version, what else you'll need to grab from the market, or if you even have the right size bag for your weekend getaway! :) Of course, I'm staying longer than just the weekend, but this is basically my process for packing.

1. Choose your luggage
(can be interchanged with # 2, whichever you prefer to go first)
If you have restrictions in terms of space and/or size of your luggage, make sure to adhere by those so you wouldn't have trouble later on. I went with the stroller because it would be easier to carry around and I feel like I might still need a second bag if I went with the backpack.

2. Make a list of what you need
A checklist, though seemingly tedious, is incredibly helpful. I personally make a checklist a few days before I start packing just because I tend to remember what I should be bringing during those times. When you're packing, all you're gonna be thinking about is how you will fit EVERYTHING in your luggage, so you might skip out on important things if you simultaneously try to remember what you're supposed to bring. Did I make any sense? :p

3. Go by category and lay it out on the bed.
This is a personal preference. It makes it easier to see what else I'm missing.

Toiletries/Personal care/Etc

Random bag for my personal care kit - facial wash, day and night creams, moisturizer, etc. (not much make-up for the trip)
Southshore travel kit - 2-in-1 kiwi scented shampoo and body wash, spray on sunscreen with SPF 60, toothbrush, and a small tube of toothpaste
Southshore Melanie sling bag - so I have a small bag I can carry around to put my things in

F-Stop hi-low top - which I'll use as a cover-up since it's sheer
Southshore maxi dress
U by Rustan's bikini (right) and random bikini I forgot where I bought it from (left)

Clothes (sleepwear, everyday, and of course your intimates :p)
An outfit for going back to Manila
A couple of shirts and shorts for during my stay


Pack light! Just two pairs + Southshore zippurse (flip flops bag) -- also available in Zebra print
Parisian sandals
Random slippers
I've had my shoes ruined before during previous trips to the beach, so I made sure to bring sturdy ones this time! :)

In case you were interested in any of the Southshore items I shared, I linked you to the individual product pages.

Share with me how you pack for a trip? :)
What would you have brought?
'Til my next post!
♥ Megann

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