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My favorite season (or seasons) definitely has to be fall/winter. I know we don't have snow, nor do we have roads covered in yellow and ...

My favorite season (or seasons) definitely has to be fall/winter. I know we don't have snow, nor do we have roads covered in yellow and orange leaves. But just something about these months make me feel so excited! I suppose part of it is because my birthday is coming up in December and I get to see more people (especially my relatives) at this time of the year.

Since it's already November, I thought I'd share with you some of my picks from Shop Dainty and maybe give you a little idea on how you can wear each piece. Sounds helpful? I hope so! :) So let's get on with my picks:

1. SD219 (More Colors) - During this season, I usually lean more towards red and gold just because I think it looks very festive. I think this style incorporates the two colors in a more casual sophistication. I would go with this for an everyday heel/platform shoe. Despite the height, the platform and thick heels will make walking in it easier.

2. SD178 (More Colors) - Personally, I think this is an essential. It comes in different colors and if you don't have peep toe pumps yet, I suggest you get this in black first since it matches with everything! I think this pair can take you from your work straight to that night out with your girl friends or a dinner date.  You know I'm all for transitional pieces--those that can take you from day-to-night, since I have a day job and I usually come from work when I go some place.

3. SD202 (More Colors/Styles) - Now if you're a bit more edgy, you'll love this pair. It comes in leather and suede, so either one I think is rockin'. The shoes are already a statement on its own, so I think no matter how casual you decide to go, this will still take your look up a notch.

4. SD193 (More Colors) - Now for this scene stealer, you can definitely rock this baby during those Christmas parties or even on New Years Eve! You can never go wrong with glitters especially during this festive season. This is definitely "going out" shoes for me.

Of course, not everyone is into wearing heels. It took me a while before I started loving them too! So if you like to "keep your feet on the ground", here are my favorite flats:

A. SD177 (More Designs) - I absolutely love the gold tip on these! You can say that it's a variation of the toe cap trend that spread like wildfire during this year's spring collections, only it's more subtle. I still think it's dressy, but also daytime-appropriate. I personally love the printed one!

B. SD179 (More Designs) - Anything shiny is definitely accepted this season! If you'll be attending parties, get-togethers or any event but would like to wear flats, this is a good alternative.

If you like any of these or have your own favorites, you can get them at 10% off with the discount code for my readers: MEGANN
1. Click 'BUY NOW'
2. Click 'Proceed to Check-Out'
3. Before placing your order, type in the Discount Code and click APPLY.
4. Place Your Order
They ship WORLDWIDE, so that's cool! ;)

You can check out the other styles at Shop Dainty and share with me your picks as well!
♥ Megann

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  1. I like the loafers!! :)

    1. Cute right? My favorite out of everything I showed on here would have to be the leopard printed flats with the gold tip! :)


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