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Velvet in the afternoon didn't seem too crazy at the time I was getting ready. It turned out to be all sorts of crazy!  But in my defens...

Velvet in the afternoon didn't seem too crazy at the time I was getting ready. It turned out to be all sorts of crazy! But in my defense, I had not witnessed a November afternoon so hot it could possibly pass up as April. So, the next time I try to get ready, remind me to go out of my room and actually check the temperature outside. Sometimes I forget that I'm getting ready with the air conditioning on and that it's going to be different outside.

Supre top | Posh Wardrobe shorts | Advan sneakers | Robinsons Department Store socks | Anagon Collection gold chain bracelet | House Of Luxe claw cuff

No use crying over spilled milk, but having a food fest with my brother's fiance before the music fest was actually another reminder that I had chosen the wrong bottoms. What a wrong move to wear a high-waist, body-hugging pair when you've been filling up your belly! Nonetheless, this day was perfectly ended with the Exception Music Festival, a trip to Mercato (for more food, ugh), and caramel beers at Rue Bourbon with my best friend Maita and her cousin/my friend Dan.

Well, that's for that outfit! Don't forget to leave a comment :)
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  1. I think the velvet shorts are adorable! Sorry they were giving you a hard time, but they're cute anyways!

  2. you look very cute :D

    X Jenny

  3. I love the velvet shorts so much! You rock them.

  4. I love the shorts and the whole outfit, absolutely perfect for a festival! I totally feel the same way pretty much EVERY time I wear something high waisted though, especially if I am going out to eat!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hananh

  5. Love the shorts so much! You look soooo cute! :)


  6. love this outfit, it's so c&p!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    the casper&pearl blog

  7. Oh goodness you look adorable! I'm obsessed with velvet everything lately. Like completely obsessed. I don't have shorts yet...you rock these!! Thanks for visiting my blog, wanna follow each other?

  8. love it when you smile meggy! i miss you <3
    The Bargain Doll


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